It’s the return of Spider-Woman! And guess who she totally makes out with in this issue! What?? Yeah, you heard me!! Wanna see a Spider-Man story you have never ever ever ever seen before? We promise you, it’s right here!! All this and Kitty’s Pryde’s world comes crashing down around her as the U.S. government comes to Midtown High to collect her.

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
COLORED BY: Allan Jefferson
LETTERED BY: Jared Fletcher

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 10.2%


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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Best comic I read outside of Siege.  Question?  Does this trump "Batman & Robin?"  Yes or no?

  2. @kickass Not the first 3 issues but overall yes it does

  3. Amazing What-Now? This is THE Spider-Man book.

  4. I’m still reading this.  I am no longer reading Batman and Robin.  ’nuff said!

  5. @DarthDuck  Batman and Robin will be dead to me as soon as Grayson stops being Batman. This book will be dead to me whenever Bendis stops writing it, which looks like it will happen around the second quarter of Never. Probably a few weeks before Never Ever.

  6. @roivampire it time to start developing brain-in-jar technology.

  7. Excited for this, I really enjoyed the Rick Jones issues, I hope this continues.

    @Kickass For my money, USM has been a great book, but nowhere near the quality of the first 3 issues of B&R or its current arc. 

  8. @kickass for how good the first 3 issues of B & R was this has been much better. If i take the first 9 issues of USM against the first 9 of B&R its easily USM. 

  9. I wish this came out more.

  10. That’s what I thought DC!  The people of this thread have spoken!  Ultimate Spider-Man tops Batman & Robin!  Batman got knocked the eff out!  🙂

  11. So, if Ult. Spider-Woman is a female clone of Peter Parker does that make her transgender? 

  12. @Kickass Yes, but this book only gets 1/3 to 1/2 the pulls of Batman and Robin.

    @SilverAgeTom It’s always bothered me that she’s a female "clone." I stopped reading the original run of the book shortly after the Clone Saga arc, but have they given a reason for her being female (or than shock value)? Because at some  point there had to be some additional X chromosomes in there. (Yay, Science!) 

  13. @PraxJarvin, Re: Cloning: A wizard did it.

  14. Well she is clearly not an exact copy. Im thinking a clone in the same way that X-23 is a clone of Wolverine i.e. Not a clone at all. They must be offspring who are genetically engineered to have specific traits of the parent. On the subject of BandR: I never read it on the (correct) assumption that Quitely would never be able to keep up the pace and I would be ultimately disappointed. USM on the other hand has been wonderful and on time since issue 1.

  15. @Prax Maybe Dr. Octopus just wanted to show off how smart he was so he made her a girl.


    "So what, you made a chick."

    "But don’t you see? This is amazing!"

    "Whatever pervert."

  16. Surprisingly I’ve never had a problem with a female Spidey clone.  I sit here, read the comments and think I should, and then I still don’t.  Bring it (or her) on!

  17. @Praxjavin – I see your point.  It shows the strong DC over Marvel bias influenced on this site by the sites creators.  That’s the power of the media.  Very good sir.

  18. @kickass So do you have a tinfoil baseball cap or are you just going with the traditional triangle shaped hat?

    people really really like grant morrison dude. he’s the reason they are buying B&R. it has nothing to do with the site, or any DC bias.

  19. @Kickass ::Yawns::

  20. The pull numbers don’t reflect the sales numbers.  It’s the site.  It attracts what it preaches.  Basic media principle.

  21. @KickAss: Even with sales numbers UCSM’s still lower. Here’s February:  http://www.comichron.com/monthlycomicssales/2010/2010-02.html

    Batman & Robin #9: 84,562
    Ultimate Comics Spider Man #7: 42,176

    I say this, even though, for my money, UCSM’s the best Spider-Man book on the market. It’s just the facts. 

  22. @Dark Knight Jared – I see your point.  But what I meant to say was, the ratios of the pulls on this site do not reflect the ratio of the sales of these specific comics.

  23. I love this issue!!!!!!! I can’t believe that peter finally got a haircut!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Loved the haircut scene, especially followed by "round head Spider-man"  From the first issue of volume 1 this has been my favorite book.  The consistantly of this book puts it over B&R for me.

  25. I love how they made a joke about the round head thing, excellent.

     This issue was great, I loved it.

  26. This was good, but a little too fan service-y. Good things for the future. 4.5/5

    @Kickass Actually, for the specific month B&R’s sales were 2x as much as USM, and that’s the ratio of pulls on this site for both books. Point, Me. Also, please don’t attempt to speak authoritatively on media and media effects. You just keep repeating the same phrase without really seeming to know what it is your talking about.

  27. That was a pretty awful haircut he got…I really shouldn’t comment on haircuts though.

  28. This in no way trump Batman and Robin

  29. This was an awesome issue. The art is super fun to look at. I think his new haircut supposed to look bad.

  30. @Bryce31 Still, an improvement.

  31. After many years, many stories and many issues, this book still does a great job keeping me emotionally invested in the characters month after month. This is a fine example of what Bendis does best.

  32. Oh, and I also read Batman & Robin, which is a very different kind of narrative experience and really has little in common with UCSM. Although a few of the arcs have left me feeling unsatisfied, overall I do love that series too, and enjoy reading it as well! I’m not clear why that subject would even come up on this thread though…

  33. Is anyone else concerned that Bendis might be setting up an exit for Kitty to move over to whatever the Ultimate X title becomes (after Loeb introduces the rest of team)?  It’s not a huge deal but I always enjoyed Kitty in the Ultimate Spider-man more than when she was in Ultimate X-men.


    #@%$^ FANTASTIC!
    A 5.
    And I hope Parker beats the living #@$! out of those agents as Parker and not as Spider-man. (one can dream). To quote a friend: "it be #$@!% siq."

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