• The world finds out about the new Spider-Man!

• Plus, The Scorpion comes to New York!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Chris Samnee
Cover by Kaare Andrews

Price: $3.99
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  1. Sorry to say this but I think I am dropping this one. I am not digging the art since Sara Pichelli, she was a great artist. Is she coming back to this title? when and if she does I will pick it up again.

    • She’s coming back for one issue only on issue 8 (next), but she’s probably working ahead on future issues so I’m guessing that the next full arc will all be her art. But that’s just a guess.

      Personally, I like Samnee’s art and I started buying this when I heard he’d got this gig. I’m kinda disappointed that it wasn’t for a whole arc. I like Pichelli’s work too don’t get me wrong. Anyway, now that Samnee’s found a new home on Daredevil, I’m just as happy to get my fix on that title (which I was buying already).

    • I don’t like Samnee’s art.

    • I love everything about Miles. I love that he’s NOT peter parker, that he’s not in high school, and most importantly of all I love that he’s a KID. It’s such a great new set of challenges for a A-list hero to face. Pulled me in since issue, and its the first I read the week it comes in. I sit in front a huge Miles Morales poster at work, and that isn’t a joke at all.

  2. Yay.

  3. its pretty good so far, but i’m not really getting that invested in Miles yet. I dunno, there’s just something missing.

    • I agree. I can’t put my finger on it, but I just don’t care about him as much as I want to. It doesn’t help that he is SO young, that I can’t identify very easily.
      I miss Peter.

    • nobody should miss peter. he is still in a ton of books. seriously. a fuckn’ metric ton

    • not trying to tell you how to feel…
      i’m just sayn’

    • Ultimate, High School Peter Parker is not in any books right now cause he’s dead, and he’s kinda different than 20 something Peter Parker.

    • i feel ya.
      so, UTIMATELY, you guys miss a younger peter parker set in today. i get that.
      he is kinda all over the place right now in the regular universe.
      i must say, though, i really love me some miles.
      give ’em time, fellas. he’ll grow on ya.


    • i like Peter Parker in high school…and i think Bendis did a great job making him unique…but its not really about that. Just as i was saying, don’t have much of a connection with Miles yet. There’s nothing wrong with him, but i don’t really care either way about him yet. He’s there. I wonder if its because of the super decompressed storytelling?

    • Yeah I miss Peter. I like Miles but its just different. The original Ultimate Spider-man series got me into comics so I really miss the high school Peter and his adventures. But its taking some time to get used to Miles.

    • So you guys would prefer the white guy to the African Americian guy?

      Nah, I’m just kidding. Miles is an interesting character but he hasn’t exactly done anything yet

    • If I was asked to name five personality traits of Ultimate Peter Parker, I could do it without thinking. But if I was asked the same question about Miles, all I could say is he’s young and innocent.
      Hopefully that will change over time though and I’ll end up with a strong connection to him.

    • we’re only 7 issues in. peter had over a 150 for us to get to know him. we could probably name 150 character traits for pete.
      it’s hard to fall in love with someone new when you’re still crushing hard for your old flame.

  4. I really like Miles and his supporting cast, but I’m ready for the story to start please. I felt the last issue was just paddeling in the pool. I want the deep-end, as it were. You’ve established the premises, now give me a reason to stick around.

  5. If this Scorpy doesn’t have a tail I’m gonna be pissed.

  6. Haven’t we already had this cover?

  7. Hate his art.

  8. The art the last couple issues has been one star worthy, the story has been great though.
    And god i love those Kaare Andrews covers!!!!

  9. Yeah, sorry. Not a huge fan of samnee.
    But damn. I have been waiting forever for this cover!
    And I love miles. He’s great, man. Give him time to grow.

  10. And what was up with the whole “spidermen” thing? No word yet?

  11. Jeez, there are really some Samnee haterz on here. Much like the Ramos haterz over on the Amazing issues. Pichelli did the first 5 issues. Last issue, 6, was the first non-Pichelli issue. Here’s the next one. She’ll be back for number 8.

    Samnee is great. It is known. I’d bet Bendis himself asked for Samnee to fill in. He can work with anyone he wants to and he picked Samnee. Think about it…

  12. Samnee is great, Miles is awesome and PARKER is in at least 6 other books. People need to get over it already and try something new, I was pretty fatigued about deadpool being in every book, wolverine in every book and Parker being in every book, its refreshing to see someone new in tights. Times are a changing…

  13. I liked the story so far, but i agree with people saying that the story needs to get going. an arc with the new scorpion as main villain would be nice, even i’m not sure if i like the way he looks. samnee is good, but his art was to shadow heavy and i would’ve liked picelli to draw miles for longer to establish his look and the look of the book, just as bagley did.

  14. I know its silly to complain about the solicts being wrong, but how hard would it have been to swap the word scorpion for the villian that does appear.

    Still a little slow. Thinking about moving this to my trade list.

    • I was thinking the same thing (switching to trade), but I just liked this issue too much. I feel like the pace is really picking up now that Miles is in the costume and exploring the limits of his powers.

  15. I like that bendis is pushing the envelope and giving us black Deadpool too. Are you taking notes Mr. Way?

  16. Prowler in shadow did look a lot like Deadpool. I was confused for a moment myself. But I can’t get enough of this book. Love the art, love Miles, love everything. Looking forward to this Spidermans uncle being the antithesis of Uncle Ben. I suspect he will be one of Miles biggest antagonist. Samnee does a really good job of making Miles look small in this costume. How tall is this kid? 5’5? 5’6? Maybe 110 pounds? And he is totally kicking ass. This book just does an amazing job showing how conflicted Miles is about his life, his family, his powers, his responsibility. And I love how when he beats a baddie he jumps up and down in excitement like he can barely believe he did it. Miles isn’t some CW teenage drama version of what a kid is, he actually acts like a kid. Its a refreshing take on the legacy of Spiderman and im in for the long haul.

  17. Please ignore my triple-posting of reviews!!
    The two in which I gave the book a 1 were DEFINITELY mistakenly posted; I don’t know how/if-I-can delete them!

  18. Lol @black deadpool comment.

    anyways, great writing, terrible art as per usual. Gives me a love/hate relationship with this book.

  19. Out of curiosity, what are people doing with the digital codes in this book? I downloaded a digital copy of #6 to my iPad, mostly just to try it out (not sure when/where/why I would reread the book on my iPad). I’m thinking of giving away the code to #7 to one of my friends on tumblr or something.

    • I redeem mine so that if i travel i can always read comics on my computer if i want and i dont have to be bothered with bringing a stack of comics along with the rest of my shit. a lot easier to just bring my laptop.
      i plan on investing in an ipad and buying at least half of my books digitally. i’m running out of places to put comic boxes. it’s ridiculous.

  20. i love samnee’s art. i still miss sara, but if a fill in is needed then i think samnee is a fine choice and he certainly has my blessing. bendis was just born to write USM comics. i’ve enjoyed all of his USM stories with the exception of that mess with the super friends moving in with aunt may and becoming a high school version of “the real world”. those issues should be burned.
    but these new issues are just fuckn’ fantastic. my biggest complaint is that omega red didnt sound very russian to me. i must admitt, i know nothing of the ultimate interpretation of the character, but he’s still russian, right? he sounded like an american sitcom character. the dialogue during the fight scene sounded like ross and chandler were fighting in place of our men in tights. but i am nit-picking.
    great issue. 5/5. if not for the flash, this would be POTW

  21. I agree with those who feel that the Miles Spidey is good, yet something feels missing so far. I wish Bendis weren’t stretched so thin professionally; I think his writing would be as great as it used to be if he weren’t so busy. But that’s showbiz.

  22. Okay, I’m officially sold. I like Miles and Ganke. I love the tension that’s about to be caused by his Uncle Aaron. In fact, the only thing I dislike at this point is the lack of webs and that silly costume. I’m glad now that I stuck around.

  23. Anyone having trouble with an invalid code in the back? Comic shop switched it out for me and the 2nd one is invalid too. 🙁

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