Mysterio has had just about enough of Spider-Man, so he sends in the ULTIMATE SPIDER-SLAYER…and sends it right to Peter Parker’s school! All this and the mystery of the Shroud is finally revealed!! Join rockstars BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS and DAVID LAFUENTE as we swing into the final chapter of this thrilling arc!

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
COLORED BY: Justin Ponsor
LETTERED BY: VC - Cory Petit

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.0%


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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Dropping USM with this issue. It has been a solid 4 star book for me so far, just can’t afford to buy a 4 star book when there are so many other great books out there.

  2. I want this to be good, but with it being 3.99, it needs to be awesome quickly or it may hit the chopping block.  I’m looking at you too, Ultimate Avengers…

  3. I might just drop this and pick it up in trade. I don’t think this book is worth $3.99…

  4. I really like this book but I also couldn’t see spendind 3.99 a pop either so I subscribed during the 70 year promo, so 17.97 a year to read it!

  5. @supertrackmonkey: agreed. I’ve always enjoyed this book but it feels too short for 3.99 and will probably read alot better when it gets collected

  6. You guys I wish THIS was being released like DC’s "Earth One" line; I LOVE this book but I think it would be cheaper on my wallet and a whole lot more satisfying for me personally to buy and read this in collections every six months or so

  7. Dropping this.  Not a Lafuente fan (I realize I’m probably in the minority on that).  Too manga-ish.

  8. @zenman- I am dropping for the same reason, I just don’t care for the art

  9. I’m really pissed that there’s a fill
    in artist coming soon…WTF!? That seems soo wrong for this book. Every month i go back and forth on Lafuente’s art. Sometimes it’s great and sometimes I want immomen back

  10. This is LaFuente’s last issue. Takeshi Miyazawa takes over next issue, and from what Bendis said in an interview recently, he’s the long-term artist. http://marvel.com/catalog/?id=13986

  11. It is expensive and I’m not a fan of Lafuente, but if this keeps going the way it seems to be and becomes a team-up book with Human Torch, Iceman, Kitty Pryde and Spidey…I’m not sure I can walk away from that.  I’d say at present it’s Bendis’ best work.  Anyone seen much by Miyazawa?  A positive step?

  12. I’m a fan of Bendis’s story on USM, but the art is wrong for this book. It doesn’t resemble the rest of the Ultimate line (past and present.) I know LaFuente did the USM Annual #3, but his art is different in this new series, and I don’t like it. Along with the price tag, I think I’ll do myself a favor and just wait for the trade in a few months. I think this will read much better in trade anyway.  

  13. @ricky  I’ve seen a lot of his stuff over the years and i think he’ll do fantastic. google image search his name and you’ll probably recognize the covers of a few books


  14. As far as I’m aware, Takeshi Miyazawa is only doing fill-in art on the next two issue arc. Unless things have changed reently.

  15. I have to admit, I saw the opening two page spread and I both loved it (Norman Rockwell send-up) and hated it (1/5 of the page being nothing but a block of text). However, this issue was pure excellence. Just fun and lively and angsty and… everything good about comics. I love the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends status quo. I hope it lasts longer than just the first year or so, because I think it’s a fantastic direction. LaFuente’s art grew on me, though I was hoping Bobby would take the razor to Peter’s hair. This was a 5/5 for me. And my POTW.

  16. Incredible story…..terrible art!

  17. This was almost my POTW but it’s always so good and i feel like the end of this arc is going to be stellar so this one didn’t really hit me or surprise me. It’s like if once a month I had the crab cake sandwich from the cheesecake factory. It’s the best sandwich ever but i always know how good it’s going to be. Sometimes though, they put some extra spices on there and it makes it shine. This was just a great comic but it was missing that extra spice that makes for a POTW.

  18. 5/5 for me.  Just good ol’ superhero fun.  And not that it was all that hard to figure out but I had a feeling that the ‘mystery hero’ was Kitty.  Fun how Kitty needed only a few issues in USM to be better than she ever was in UXM.

  19. This book reminds me of watching a really, really, good animation.

  20. I have been hating the art so far. God I hope the writing elevates this story to a point where the art doesn’t bother me anymore, because I’ll just drown myself in the back issues of the original series and drop this until they get a real artist if the writing doesn’t pull through.

    Here’s Hoping Bendis. God willing he impresses me, because I’m a tough but loyal customer.

  21. @Mangaman: LaFuente is a real artist. He gets paid and everything.

  22. My store keeps pulling for this me, and I keep telling them I don’t want it and have dropped it several times already.  I just don’t want to pay Marvel $3.99 for a normal sized comic, unless it’s really really great.  And the artwork alone tells me this book ain’t that.  I thought Ultimate Spider-Man was really good, but oh well, I have other things to read instead.

  23. Funny, becasue this is the issue where I not only became a fan of LaFuente but didn’t mind the $3.99 price tag.  This is seriously good stuff.

  24. Well…

    Didn’t see it being Kitty as she has her own costume. I had a little list at home of who it could have been. Part of me wanted it to be MJ just because there never was anything to her character other than being Parker’s damned love-sick and stupid girlfriend. To be honest I was pretty much begging for it to be MJ since it would reinvigorate my love for Bendis writing. Now I’m a tad disappointed. To clarify what I’m saying… I would love to read some fanfiction that would make MJ a badass Ultimate version of Batgirl much like the Ultimate Adventure’s Nighthawk/Batman-amalgam featured. So ugh… those of you who are writers could give a wack at it. I might.

    @Conor: I know who he is. He did an issue somewhere in my Ultimate Marvel Team Up Hardcover. It’s the one story I skip.

    @BCDX97: THANK GOD SOMEONE AGREES WITH ME. I thought I was alone there. Bagely wasn’t so good on #1 but as it went on his art got really solid. It was clear and I really enjoyed the character renditions. The only exception was of course the Clone saga. That JonahHex-Mutated Clone made me sick.

  25. Just read it (didn’t get this in the mail until Friday) great stuff! Perfect spiderman story! Art was better this issue but I hate Peter with that damn Kate gosselin hair!

  26. Man rereading the entire run so far just makes me wish MJ went rogue and took up a cowl even more. I mean she’s a reporter right? And she’s got pressure to make good articles on the paper right? This would be an excellent flip dynamic to MJ and Parker’s roles, not to mention a good throwback to the origins of the main series where Parker used Spider-man to sell his pictures. If MJ wrote articles on what a rogue vigilante did I think it would jam pack the story with a very decent B-plot and might even warrant a solo series.

    I really should create a brand of my own so I can be a published writer because I spill gold too often.

  27. Oh btw forgot to mention the following in the previous post:

    @Zenman & @k5blazer & RickyStardust: I COULDN’T AGREE MORE. The next arc I hear is supposed to be a different artist. Until then I can always bum off a copy from a friend who’s a collector.

    @mikeandzod21: LOL! The most hilarious part was when Immonen started at USM 111 I wanted him off!!! Now after completing USM and seeing his run on New Avengers I want him back badly.

    @ComicBookGuy: Takeshi Miyazawa’s doing it? REALLY? I’M ON BOARD! I am always a fan of professional manga art. His cover on the first issue of Runaways is what got me to reading Runaways. XD. This is gonna be sweet!

  28. I cannot take anymore of this book, too bad i still have 7 issues left on my subscription.  Nothing makes sense.  Gwen is dead or at best CARNAGE.  MJ and Peter broken up with no explanation.  The stories feel like poor imitations of early,mid USM stories.  How many times has a villain attacked Peter’s school or field trip.  So played out.  Cannot stand Peter’s haircut, is he a girl now?  The 3 page conversation between aunt may and the principle added nothing – could have been 2 panels.  Did they dye Johnny Storm’s eyebrows too?  First page recap: Bendis needs to find a thesaurus and look up annoying.  The conversation at school between Peter and MJ: "we’re trying to be friends with you again."  This is issue 6 and still no explanation of why they aren’t friends.   I find the dialog to be stale and stiff, doesn’t sound anything like real teenage dialog.  Ugh…

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