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  1. Most likely my POW. The 5 star quality has never left this comic.

    Will this revamp of the villain Mysterio be used in the upcoming movie?

  2. Doubtful.

  3. All signs with the movie are pointing to the Lizard.

    All signs with this comic are pointing to supreme levels of awesome-ness.

  4. @DarthDuck   agreed sir, this is still, after all these years, my honest to god favorite book at marvel or any publisher really

  5. I’m glad to hear all this love for USM, though I myself think it’s a great title that took a 70 issue slump. 😉 Still, seeing as how it’s the only Spider-Man available to me, I’ll take it and enjoy its awesomeness.

  6. One of the only three marvel books I’m buying, right now.

  7. USM is very reliable.. even when it dips for 1-2 issues (like last issue to me..), Bendis usually finds ways to keep things interesting.  Amazing run for 1 writer on 1 book.

  8. Buying this for story only. The art is just too bizarre for me.

  9. @boostergold4  I felt that the artwork was too bizarre as well with the first two issues.  The way that he has drawn Spider-Man really bugged me.  The eyelets are monstrous and it’s almost the entire mask, heh.  There are times that Spider-Man looks like a ten year old boy swinging around fighting villains.  Though with last issue something just kind of clicked and the artwork kind of grew on me and I’m actually pretty comfortable with it now.  

  10. @MarkularAdamsmack Funny you say that- I feel the opposite.  The art isn’t much like other artists I like- but I liked the first 2 issues.  Something seemed a little off about the last one.

  11. I reeeaally want Lafuente to change Peter’s haircut. He’s got front bangs that go down to his ears. No kid today, or really ever, has that haircut. I just graduated from high school and I’m from a pretty liberal and diverse town and I’ve never seen that hairstyle before

  12. Tough call between this and Sweet Tooth but I had so much fun reading this that I had to make it my pick.

  13. @RandoCalrissian Oh gods I am so sick of the hairstyle on Peter Parker!  I find it so distracting, actually, because I just look at him and think how ridiculous and lame he looks, which is totally the wrong thing to have to think about a character you love.  No one has worn their hair like that in 20 years, and even then, it wasn’t that exaggerated unless they were overdue for a touch-up. 

    Kind of reminds me of when Lana showed back up on Smallville last year for the wedding–three episodes of her being around, and each time she was on screen I was just wondering what role she had cut her hair into bad Mom hair for.

  14. @bansidhewail  Actually, thinking peter looks lame is part of the characters charm. he’s a nerd. you should think peter looks cool when he’s puny parker

  15. Good book, but, oh man, the hair.  Why? Sweet Jeebus, why??  And how does it even fit under his mask without a huge forehead bulge?

     The preview of next months cover with the bangs sticking out make him look like a cartoon dog.  heh.

  16. @RoiVampire If he looked like a nerd, that would make sense to me.  As it is, he looks like a skater kid circa 1991 whose friends and family don’t care enough to tell him how stupid his hair is.

  17. I am surprised how much I enjoy this comic. It’s so simple but it’s so fun. The best USM has been in years. Lafuente’s art makes this book. The art during the Spider-Man/"Hulk" fight was fantastic.

  18. Also, was Kitty Pryde even in this issue? What is up with these Marvel solicits lately?

  19. unless kitty is the red hooded person…

  20. @bansidhewail Yeah, his hair really distracts me from the book. I wouldn’t be surprised if they finally shortened his hair but made it look like ’90s Superboy just to fuck with people. Besides the hair, this series is back to being as good as it ever was. POTW

  21. I love that Lafuente has been drawing Peter, MJ, Johnny, ect with some sort of fashion sense. I don’t really think its Lafuente fault for how peters hair looks. They still use Bagleys design for him. And truth be told, Bags,as much as i love his art, has never really been good a capturing how a teenager would dress or style their hair.  

  22. Has Spider-Woman showed up in this title since the ULTIMATE COMICS relaunch? Maaaaaaybe she is this Red “Hood” or “Shroud” person????

  23. Bendis called it Ultimate Shroud so that’s what I’m going with.

  24. Just to clarify the thought on Kitty.  The bullets went right through ‘ultimate shroud’ and then she (or he, I suppose) ‘disappeared’ which if it was Kitty could’ve been her slipping through the pavement and into the sewer.  Damn near everyone Kitty knew what lost in Ultimatum, she just might’ve gone crazy.

  25. I like how everyone is drawn accept Peter.  It isn’t Peter as a whole, it’s his fucking hair.  The way his hair is drawn makes me want to blow up a federal building for some reason.  I’m not sure though.  It could be other tensions as well:)

  26. The art is BEAUUUUUUUUTIFUL! Nuff said.

  27. I’ve been saying his hair sucked since Immonen began.  Only Bagley could draw the hair.  He needs a hair cut.  Short hair.  It makes sense for the character, people change their hairstyles all the time.

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