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  1. I picked of the first issue having never read an issue of USM and it felt like there was a lot of baggage keeping me from getting into the story… which is ironic considering it’s the Ultimate Universe.

  2. Oh no! It’s the Clone Saga! Kidding, kidding. I liked the first issue, and think this has potential to scratch my Spider-Man itch. 

  3. @Slockhart Yeah. I heard that complaint and I get it. If you want a personal recommendation, go check out the other Ultimate Spider-man trades. Start from one. They’ll blow you away.

  4. Dropped due to price

  5. For the first time in almost two years I’m actually excited for this book.

  6. Bendis and co. knocked issue #1 out of the park!!!  No doubt this is one of the best books out now.  For shame this doesn’t have more pulls than somehting like "Incognito."

  7. I wish this came out every week.

  8. leigh, you’re going to be dropping a lot of books.

  9. No I’m with leigh if the review gives any reason to drop it, it’ll be dropped. Times are tough my friend and that often means skipping for just the trade.

  10. I can’t imagine dropping this book now. It’s never been bad in my opinion but this new direction has taken it from months of solid 4’s or 3’s to two 5’s in a row with no sign of slowing down

  11. Dropped due to price as well.

    Normally I just roll with the punches, for some reason this and Ultimate Avengers just seems like a money grab.

    There’s nothing new and different and we have the same creators who could support this book for $2.99 in the past.  What changed?

    It would be different if there was a line-wide increase, but that’s not the case here.

    I would have rather just had issue #134 with no Ultimatum interregnum.  A new number one and a change in the trade dress does not justify a price increase in my book.

    I’ll still the read the book eventually, maybe picking up a run off of ebay if the price is right.

  12. I know from the Word Balloon podcasts w/ John Siuntres [sp?] (who made an appearance in this as the principal) that Bendis is a big Gilmore Girls fan, so anyone else think he just made their Ultimate counterparts? (I believe the show was in Earth-611 continuity) Granted I only caught a few episodes here and there, but I don’t remember the younger one cursing quite as often (or ever, because Alexis Blidel is a glorious angel from heaven), so I could be wrong.

  13. David Lafuente is fantastic. I think I’m reading this comic just for him.

  14. @Captbastrd In all honesty, they seem more like Bendis ripping off/honoring Jay Faerber’s Flamebirds. Matching costumes, hand-based powers, the mother is quiet while the daughter is talkative.

    I really loved this. Better than issue 1. 5/5 for me. I’m liking the broad cast. I’m really hoping for Ultimate Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends from this book with Johnny and Kitty. Not digging how Kong is drawn, he seems too short. Marvel had a nice rebound week for me. 

  15. @RoiVampire: how has this new direction taken it to a solid 5? Please elaborate because I’m perplexed.

  16. O=!! Tomo’s got a good point. Maybe I should wait for the trade to come out dcbservice

  17. I didn’t feel this was as good as the first issue, but still a great book. The art is gorgeous and I loved the Bendis-speak bits. The Mother/Daughter group was also pretty neat, and it seems like we’re going to get a big Johnny Storm moment next issue. 4/5.

  18. “Did you hear the news? A fat man fell and broke his everything.”

  19. This was, as always, fantastic.  It’s amazing how much I like the idea of Peter not having to run away when the cops show up.  My eyes are so used to rolling every time that happens in a Spidey book that I think I hurt myself this time when it didn’t happen.

  20. I love love LOVE the art in this.

    This book feels like the "good ol’ days" of USM, back when I was just getting into comics 🙂 

  21. I’ve loved this book since the beginning. I am quite puzzled about why Ultimatum needed to happen. And I’m still wondering what happened to Rick Jones from the Ultimate Origins storyline. 

  22. I just can’t get into this art.  I’m not sure if it’s because it’s too cartoony or what.

  23. @Mangaman   the whole device of moving ahead 6 months with just very sparse explanation feels like coming back to school after summer vacation. Everything is a little bit different and it takes a couple of days before you’re caught up on whats going on but it’s exciting

  24. Granted I cannot draw a stick figure, but this art is just horrible.  With all the great artist out there, the best Marvel can do is this??  Give me back Bagley any day!! Since when does Spiderman have a Charlie Brown head?

  25. I’m not liking the art either. I’ll give it a few more issues to see if it grows on me. I didn’t like the art on Batman & Robin at first either, but then I warmed up to it. But with that said, I’m not liking the japanese cartoon-style art. I would love to have Bagley back on this book. I know he is drawing Batman right now, and I think his style is not right for that book either. It just doesn’t look like a Batman book. Maybe that’s what DC is going for since Dick is a lighter (in personality) Batman.


  26. I didn’t want to like the art but I’m totally being sucked by it.  I don’t like Peter’s hair, or Kong’s new look but I’ll deal.

    Is it just me or is Gwen going to die again?

  27. Ultimate Spider-Man: Awesome ten years ago, awesome now.  What a phenomenal run Bendis has had on this book.  Twenty, thirty, forty years from now, if you look back on Bendis’ career, USM will have been the crowning achievement.  Guaranteed.  He has the same give all the great Spidey writers have, the same great gift JK Rowling has: you absolutely fall in love with his characters, and when they feel pain/elation/anything in between, you feel it too.  His New Avengers is very well-written and a lot of fun, and Powers is stylish and was like nothing else out there when it first hit… but USM is his "heart" book.  This has become the pet project.  This is where the love is.

  28. The only thing I didn’t love about this was Kong’s new look. What the hell?

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