Death of Spider-Man!

Spider-Man has been wounded and hangs to life by the thinnest of threads. And when the Sinister Six comes for him in his hometown, Spider-Man will truly be in for the fight of his life!

Prepare for a rumble in Queens like you’ve never seen before!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Mark Bagley
Cover by Mark Bagley & Frank Cho

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. This is how I type when I pee my pants a little. Surprisingly I type very similar to when i’m not peeing my pants. 😉

  2. I’m excited for this. While I want Peter to live and continue being Spider-Man (which I’m not fully convinced that it isn’t going to happen), it would be great to see him go out swinging.

  3. Love love love when Peter gets angry and cuts loose. Cannot wait for this fight!

  4. Yes.

  5. From this issue I basically want the page from last issue where he dispatched the Vulture over and over again.  AWESOME.

  6. If he’s gonna die, I’d very much like it to be this issue’s cliffhanger…

  7. Anyone else feel “Suckered” into buying this series? I like it when my dead charactors stay dead, not get relaunced a month after the big death issue. 

  8. Not gonna lie. I’m getting bored with this. 

  9. @TheRealVenom  I’ve been reading this book since issue one so i was going to keep reading it anyway regardless of what they do. i will read this book as long as bendis is still writing it, even if it turns into JJJ and Aunt May having a shouting match over peters haircut for 8 issues.

  10. issue 159 and im still just as excited as I was at issue 1 if not even more! This issue was great as always!

  11. Favorite book since the first issue. Really interested how this is going to turn out because I have no clue how it’s going to end. Great last page. Aunt May holding it down.

  12. This was simply amazing! More action than many Bendis books, and the art was really solid too! And May packing heat?? Wow! Also of note (for me anyway) was that I wasn’t able to get to my LCS today so picked this up through the Marvel app on my iPad (at cover price). That was a pretty awesome experience, and it makes me look forward to increased day-and-date availability!

  13. Talk about your 5 star comics.

  14. I’m loving this but one thing is bugging me. Why doesn’t peter have his mask? He had it on at the bridge and then he shows up in queens last issue and it’s off.

  15. This just goes to show that Bagley shouldn’t have left the book in the first place

  16. Best book currently being publisher – no argument!

  17. I mean – Best book currently being publishED – no argument!

  18. This book is just so much fun. As someone above mentioned, still as excited by this title as I was when it was first published. Fantastic last page too.

  19. Didn’t get how that fire hydrant move could really take out Sandman, Electro, and Kraven like that there, and was sorta a stretch to me that Electro would shoot Sandman like that.

    Didn’t like Bagley’s work on JLA, wasn’t on board with that run, but reallyreally liked his stuff here.

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