It’s the end of the road for Miss Kitty Pryde as the law comes to Midtown High School to take her away. Will she go quietly into the night or will Peter Parker and his amazing friends come to her rescue? The answer will surprise you. Plus: the return of the Daily Bugle and J. Jonah Jameson, and the debut of an Ultimate villain that will take over Peter Parker’s life in every way, shape and form. Don’t miss the action as this fan favorite series kicks into high gear!

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.2%


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  1. This AND Flash in the same
    week? Oh thank you God!

  2. Just read the latest issue last week. While I am not as gung-ho about LaFuente as everyone else seems to be, it was a rather enjoyable issue.

  3. In totally with you @torippu. I’d love to see rafa sandoval (ultimate enemy) on this instead.

  4. Lafuente was better than I had ever seen him last issue. I hope that it wasn’t an aberration.

  5. LaFuente is getting better but yes, Sandoval would make this perfect! My favourite book, since issue 1, out of all the wonderful books available atm. Superb, Viva Bendis!

  6. Lafluente art is growing on me. The whole Ultimate line I love

  7. @JesseG I think he’s getting more and more comfy with the characters and maybe this issue or next when he has them totally down he’ll really hit a stride like Immomen did

  8. This frustrated the hell out of me. Nearly my potw

  9. This was an awesome issue and in the running for my POTW. LaFunete’s pencils seemed stronger here, and the story moved really well. Nice to see a principal turn out to be level-headed and siding with his students (to an extent) instead of being the heavy in a story. Great issue 5/5.

  10. Absolutely awesome!!!  Easy 5/5!!!

  11. This was great. In so glad to see Kitty and Kong back together, I liked where that was going way back before Ultimatum. The art however had it’s moments of awesome (the sewers, when the amazing friends showed up at kitty’s house) but there were also some downright wonky panels (like a half finished one in the classroom and the wierd background characters during Siuntres’ speach to the parents) I still feel somebody like Rafa Sandoval from Ultimate Enemy is more suited for this book then Lafuente. Or maybe he just needs the colorist he had the annuall.

  12. Principal Siuntres’ speech was downright moving; almost certainly my POTW.

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