What will become of Captain America? Where have all the X-Men gone?

And what is up with the new Spider-Man suit? Don’t miss the final chapters of one of the most talked about Ultimate events ever.

Story by Nick Spencer & Jonathan Hickman
Art by Luke Ross & Billy Tan
Colors by Jason Keith & Guru-eFX
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Adam Kubert, Justin Ponsor & Marko Djurdjevic

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 2.8
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  1. I was not a big fan of issue 2 and 3 but after last issue im quite excited to see what hickman and spencer are cooking up for us with this issue!

  2. Not bad. I can already tell i’m REALLY going to like hickman writing the Ultimates he seems to have a really good grasp on nick fury, which i think is the most important part of the ultimates. I’m still undecided about the x-men part though, but I am slightly interested by the scarlet witch part of this issue though. Didnt really care for the art on either of these stories though.

  3. hey can someone write a review for it before i buy it.

  4. @tsbelementman review is up.

  5. can i get my money back?

  6. @thompsonlive

    Thanks for the review i’m probably going to pass on this issue though. I’ll wait and get the actual titles.

  7. I’m getting really curious about Ultimate X-Men. Spencer’s entries in this series seem to touch a lot of different mutant-related things. It definitely seems like the Ultimate Universe (except Spider-man perhaps) is moving away from traditional super-heroes in a BIG way. I like it.

  8. This is officially my last Ultimate title. I have no interest in reading where this “new” Ultimate universe is heading.

  9. This issue wasnt half bad actually despite what alot of people have said here and how ive felt about this Mini series in general

    Were these stories  important as of right now? No

    Has this series been something that HAD to be read?  No

    But there has been a few decent short stories, these past two issues 4 and 5 ive enjoyed and the first one.  The second and especially the third were horrible

  10. did anyone happen to notice that pietro was having sex with that chick then all of a sudden its wanda.  his sister.  did anyone else find that a little strange?   did they have some sort of “special and/or weird relationship”  that im unaware of?  i mean, really?  with his sister?  kinda surprised that no one has mentioned anything about it?

  11. @sitara119 pietro and Wanda always have had one of those “special” relationships, even in the standard universe. They kind of hinted at it in Ultimates 2 then really made it more apparent in ultimates 3 ( don’t read it, that book is Terri-bad).

  12. They should have condensed the first few issues into one. The last two issues have made me interested to check out the new ultimate universe.

  13. @thompsonlive  thanx for the 411.  i never read ultimates so i suppose thats why i was ignorant of their closeness.  what about house of m, are there any implications that i overlooked there?   if so, i think i should read that series again.

  14. @sitara119 I don’t remember house of m having anything like that in it. Someone else might be able to offer better insight but the only time I remember any of their extra close relationship in the standard universe was in some really old Avengers classic 60s titles I read (I think the ones written by Stan lee but I could be wrong). Anyway as for the original Ultimates 1 and 2 if you can find the hardcovers I highly recommend picking them up because they are amazing. You also might be able to pick them up via marvel app on iPad

  15. I’m beginning to see where Spencer is heading with his X-men series. I like it. I’m digging the political intrigue and Spencer writes that very well.

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