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  1. Last issue was a little… rough.

  2. Do we call him "Clulk?"

  3. why was previous comment removed?

  4. Really? I liked last issue. I’m a huge fan of Millar on the Ultimate Universe, and I’ve been loving this series so far.

  5. do or die for me. if dying is geting dropped.

  6. I’ve been loving this since its return.  The Ultimate universe is a great place to be right now.

  7. I agree with the general sentiment that last issue was not as good as the first two…but I’m betting number 4 will be stellar.

  8. This is the big decision. Will do re-read before completely dropping. But it IS on the bottom of my list =/

  9. I’m not loving this. I’ve dropped every other Ultimate book, this one is in danger, I’m gonna stick to the end of this arc, but then I think I’m out of the Ultimate Universe, the love isn’t there anymore.

  10. I’ve liked everything I’ve read so far.  I’m not sure what some of you aren’t liking about it.

  11. It’s a good book, but I don’t think that it is $3.99 good. This issue might be my last in the series. I think I might just wait for the trade. THat was the best way to read The Ultimates, or any Mark Millar based book.

  12. It seems so odd that this is coming out so…on time. This has been alot of fun, though the loss of hitch really is hurting this.

  13. Going to have to disagree with you there.  Hitch is fantastic but Pacheco has been killing on this, great art and fits the story like a glove.

  14. I think this is a pretty good series so far, better than ultimates 3 and ultimatum by far.

  15. @Bryce31  Yeah, but that’s not saying much. One time I skinned my knee during a kickball game and that was way better than reading Ultimatum.

     But i get what you’re saying and i’m digging this book

  16. i was once tazered in the nuts and that was better than Ultimates 3

  17. YAICASESPFS!! (Yet another incredible Captain America starring extended super-powered fight sequence)….I love it!  Reminded of the awesome helicopter fight a few issues back.  I think Millar "gets" his Ultimate Cap and is smart to let all the action swirl around him.

    When the real shield doesn’t work, just use kindergarteners.

    And then of course….PARIS!

  18. I am really enjoying this.

  19. And… dropped. Gorgeous art, but that’s about it– and not enough for the hefty pricetag.


  20. I am hoping Millar goes ahead and makes this Ultimate Captain America, like he seems to be doing. I am liking this series well enough, but I feel like the spark is gone from 1 & 2, which isn’t unexpected. While I loved his pencils on X-Men and Avengers Forever, I think this is Pacheco’s strongest stuff since, well, Avengers Forever.

  21. Big fun with great action. Millar’s Ultimate Cap is some thing I would happily read.

  22. Indeed.  I am all aboard for this.  Better action that Transformers 2 and G.I.Joe put together.

  23. Well good action sequences, but exactly how durable is Ultimate Cap?  I would think that if "nerd" hulk smashes you head into the pavement, the pavement would not be the one that gets cracked.

     Second, if the "big brother" stark is so brillant to create a ‘nerd’ hulk… would that elimatecap as the ultimate super soldier?  Why won’t Fury just churn out an amy of ‘nerd’ hulks?

    Third, you would think that Reed Richards would have protected or destroy the plans a comic cube, despite what the "ultimate wave" cause.  Just because he broke up with susan, he’s gonna leave the plans for a comic cube just laying around? 

    I know that you have to suspend a certain amount of logic… it a comic book, but there’sa line between logical suspension and complete non-sense.

  24. Drrrrrropped.

  25. this universe sucks and im done. lucky my dcbs shipment has issue % or id be done at 4!!!

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