Blade is back in a bad way and that can only mean one thing: vampires are afoot! Somebody is leaving behind a bloody trail of bite marks and Blade’s stake-ready to take them on. Could the mysterious figure donned in an iron suit have something to do with it? And who exactly is the new figure leaping around down in a devil costume? As the Avengers get deeper into black ops, there’s no telling who’ll be thirsting for blood and who’ll be next on the menu! Bite into the next exhilarating series of ULTIMATE COMICS AVENGERS by superstar creators MARK MILLAR (CIVIL WAR, KICK-ASS) and STEVE DILLON (PUNISHER MAX)!


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  1. I don’t know how I feel about Dillon drawing this. I am very curious to see Andy Lanning inking him though

  2. Not much of a Dillon fan, will peruse before buying.

  3. Hmm. I was pretty sure I was done with this, but with Dillon working the pencils, I’ll have to flip through on the shelf.

  4. Anyone else confused by the numbering?

    I am enjoying this book, the Punisher arc was bad-ass!

  5. ‘Kid’ daredevil?..Lame.

  6. This issue was all over the place.  Not a fan of the rehash Daredevil . . . there is nothing different about him.

    I loved the first arc of Ultimate Avengers, second arc was alright, but I dunno if I’ll be able to stick through this one.

  7. I’d much rather see Ultimate versions of regular Marvel characters rather than these weak ass brand new rehashes. I really have to wonder what the hell happened to Mark Millar? He used to be a solid writer but now this stuff is just weak and uninspired

  8. This might be pick of the week for me, just for the hulk vamp and then the last page. Baller

  9. The only saving grace in this issue was Cap in the end. 

  10. I wanted to write a review, but did not see where I could do that… (HELP!)

    **Spoilers Ahead**

    Anyways… I want to start off by saying, what a change in art! The styles between Avengers 2 and 3 could not have been anymore different. However, Avengers 2 was unfair to me because it was my favorite writer and my favorite artist working together and it was hard to judge the book being such a fanboy of Millar and Yu.  Now that Dillion is on the book, I read the book more objectively and made me enjoy the book more actually.  Dillion’s work was simply solid.

    The story – You have to realize that Millar was once responsible for crafting a huge part the Ultimate world. The original Ultimates and Ultimate X-Men. When Loeb took over he flushed that whole world down the tubes. Millar is now back on the Ultimate line and with his work on Ultimate Avengers is re-doing what he spent years making, hence the introduction of all new charachters.  Also, the point of the Ultimate Line was to work outside the lines of continuity and present new ideas. He is doing that well, it just took me until this issue to realize that. And to be honest, I love the exciting new prospect of these charachters.

    Also, there is a lot of classic Millar moments that made me love this book. The Jewish vampire situation was hilarious and had me rolling (in a good way.) and the final panel with Steve Rogers was one of those "IT’S ON!" moments.

    Now the low point of the book…  I went from this being the 2nd Daredevil story I picked up this week to the one I wanted to keep reading… until they turned him into a vampire. WHY!?! You had me! But now, the interest I had in this new Daredevil dropped. And this and the vampire hulk (I am guessing it is nerd hulk) made it from being book of the week for me.

    Art – 4/5 and Story 4/5

  11. @MountNJ click on "Your Comics" It’ll have your pulled comics and there will be options to make your pick of the week write a review or remove the comic from your pull list.

  12. @ Minion – Thanks! Now posted! Sorry I am new to contributing on the site.

  13. Would it have killed Dillon to try and draw a background?

  14. I’ll say it — Dan Abnett killed Steve Dillon’s pencils. He got inked like Vince Colletta.

  15. Well, I was going to drop it after the end of volume 2, and I wish I did.

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