The explosive battle between the Ultimate Universe’s most powerful super hero groups comes to a close… but who will be left standing?

Story by Mark Millar
Art by Leinil Yu, Stephen Segovia, Gerry Alanguilan, Jeff Huet & Jason Paz
Colors by Sunny Gho
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Leinil Yu, Sunny Gho, Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary & Paul Mounts

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. Spoiler warning…

    it’s not going to be spiderman…. 

  2. The first five issues were so up and down. Mainly down. Like really down. So bad that even Millar and Yu, two of my top two favorites, have me seriously doubting about picking this one up.

  3. I’ve liked every issue except #5. The pentulimate chapter fell completely flat for me- I’m really hoping Millar brings it back around with this though.

  4. Here’s hoping Millar’s Korean improves from that nonsensical gibberish from last issue, and that he explains why Cap, and Thor much less, would even want to save Pyongyang, the capital of the most oppressive regime there is in the world right now, from liberation in the name of democracy, even if GStark was behind it!

  5. Really looking forward to the end of Millar’s Ult Avengers run. It’s very like his Summer Offensive stuff in 2000AD in the early 90’s. Very carefree and stupid, and all the better for it.

  6. This will be my last Ultimate comic. (Unless there are more issues of Ultimate X.) Can’t afford to follow two Marvel universes any more.

  7. Their trying to prevent an international incident as the reason for stopping a pro-democratic movement is hogwash, cus the only major power who back NKorea at all is China, but not enuf that it induce then into a WWIII. Not good enuf, Millar, sorry.

  8. Thor with a fist-pump… that made me laugh!!

  9. What a cheap stunt putting the ‘Death of Spider-Man’ title on the whole series. Besides the quick encounter where Peter gets shot by Punisher, that was it. And this cover was a total sham. Ridiculous.

  10. I hope Joe Quesada enjoys whiping his ass with the dollar bills i`ve spent on this series. (And Fear Itself Tie ins)

    Ohh lets put death of spiderman on it and make a few extra million… what a jip.

    I love Mark Millar but I can`t belive he stooped to this. 

  11. I regretfully fell for the banner heading and bought this series. What a disaster

  12. Month-to-month, I was completely underwhelmed. Just read all 6 in one sitting and I fealt it read better. I can now adjust my series review to “not horrible.”

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