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From the jaws of defeat, the Nazi war machine is resurrected by walking battleship superhuman soldiers who turn the tide of World War II.  Kieron Gillen unveils his epic new monthly series, which rewrites history with a horrifying twist!  Super soldiers now turn the machinations of the Twentieth Century’s greatest madman into reality.  The Ubers are here and the world will tremble at their feet.  But a deeply entrenched spy could be the difference in seeing the world remade in the Nazi vision and the Allies finding a way to stem the tide.

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Cover & Art: Caanan White

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. I do like Kieron Gillen writing, I’ll have to give this title a shot.

  2. I thought that #0 was the weakest Kieron Gillen I’ve ever read. So I don’t think I’ll pick this up

    • I went out of my way to get #0 and it was dreadful on all fronts. I was going to flip through this and see if it was better (given that often #0 issues are cobbled together slap-dash), but my store didn’t have it on the shelf. I didn’t care enough about it to ask. So that’s $4.00 in the black column this week!

  3. Uber is a solid book. Well worth a look, people…got a deja vu moment, was this in a preview somewhere?

  4. I was curious about this series so I stopped by the Avatar Press booth at the Calgary Comic Expo and their stuff is definitely an acquired taste 😛

  5. I was not impressed by #0 but I gave this issue a chance. This series has serious potential, but it is definitely not for everyone.

  6. I’m digging this, really interested to see where this series goes. Maybe you need to be a WWII buff to enjoy it?

  7. My only real issue with the series so far is that all the faces look the same. The only way you can tell Hitler from all the other guys wearing the EXACT SAME outfit is his tiny little mustache. Makes it difficult to follow. The story seems interesting, but I think I’m signing off.

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