The Pilot Season Winner Returns!

The tale of a lone, dedicated hero patrolling her nine block suburban neighborhood captured the imaginations of fans during 2008’s Pilot Season and after heated voting emerged as one of the winning titles.

Now creator and writer Troy Hickman (Common Grounds) returns with a four issue limited series, which will delve into Twilight Guardian’s past, her motivations for crime-fighting, and even give her an arch-nemesis in the terrifying Dusk Devil! Joining Hickman is up-and-coming artist Siddharth Kotian (Eat The Dead). Issue #1 features a beautiful painted cover by Eric Jones (Hack/Slash, Unknown).


Price: $3.99
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  1. Interested to see this.  It’s like the light version of my biography of being Kick-Ass!  To me, that’s a good thing.

  2. I’ve re-read this issue several times since the Pilot Season debut.  Definitely picking this up!

  3. @misterckent  Same here! So stoked for this!

  4. Finally; this was the only Pilot Season book I’ve really been anxious to read, and of course it’s been a 2 year wait.

  5. Been waiting for this one as well. Loved the Pilot Season issue.

  6. Let’s all wirte reviews. Make it difficult for folks to ignore this. 🙂

  7. Y’know, based on your recommendations, I may get it too! 😉

  8. @TroyH  Ha!

    Hey, Troy, here’s an odd request. Since this site has nor solicitation copy, why don’t you write one right here yerself! That would be cool!

  9. I guess a solicit was added since. 😛

  10. That’s OK, J, I’ll give it a shot anyway, using the above as a template:

    The Pilot Season Winner Returns, and It’s Darned Well About Time!

    The tale of a lone dedicated hero who is ALMOST as crazy as her creator captured the imagination of fans after its writer begged and pleaded with everyone he knows to throw him a bone and vote for it!

    Now creator and writer Troy Hickman, one of comicdom’s most notorious reprobates, returns with a four issue series which will (A) give readers more info on just who Twilight Guardian is and why she do that voodoo that she do so well, (B) showcase about three dozen news superheroes and villains (not bad for a comic that takes place in a nine-block area, eh?), and enables Hickman to stay in his apartment for another few months.

    Story: Troy “Don’t blame me, I was dropped as a baby” Hickman
    Art: Siddarth “The Botticelli of Bombay” Kotian
    Eric “How the Heck Did I Get Mixed Up With These Guys” Jones

    Size: 32 pages (because THE MAN is afraid to give us more!)

    Price: $3.99 (sell some plasma; it’s worth it!)

  11. @TroyH  HAHAHA! That’s great!

  12. This was so great! I’ll write up a review soon.

  13. Loved this. What I really like about it is the narration. Unlike other heavily narrated books, where i tend to find it annoying, I really get drawn into her thoughts on everything. Hickman writes the character really well. Looking forward to the next issue.

  14. Yea, I usually hate narration, easy to get completely wrong, but this was fantastic. 

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