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TWELVE #8 (OF 12)

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  1. I forgot about this. -_-

  2. i didn’t, man i love this series, JMS and Chris Weston are bringing it on this series

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I love it too.

  4. @tittom if there was ever a course on how to write an ensemble cast in a book this should be at the heart of it. man this issue rocked. What do you think the big secret is?

  5. I’m loving this book too.

  6. This may be my favorite issue so far. Maybe because we’ve had to do without "real" installments for that past couple months or maybe because the momentum is building so elegantly as things are now clearly coming to a head.

     In any event this is the first issue to which I’ve given 5 stars since the first couple came out. It’s too bad more folks aren’t reading this in issues as it’ll probably be remembered not only as one of the best limited series of 2008 but one of JMS’ major triumphs as a writer. Unless, of course, he REALLY screws things up at the end which, as the record shows, is all too possible. I don’t know though, this seems like something he’s had in his heart for a while.

    A part of me wishes this was an ongoing. No, MOST of me wishes this were an ongoing.

  7. This book is consistantly one of the best comics of the week every time it comes out. I can’t wait to see what Weston draws next.

  8. I just reread this and realized that it as even better than I recalled from my first reading (I only gave it 4 stars – should have been 5).  This and Magneto Testament were my two favorites this week (this was my pick) – nothing against Action Comics, which I thought was superb and had a ton of resonance, but overall it lacked the raw power of both of these books for me.

  9. it’s been a year since this came out. anyone heard word on when/if it will be finished?

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