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TWELVE #6 (OF 12)

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Neb06/11/08NoRead Review
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  1. I have been loving this series so far, I know if they can keep up the excellent quality for another 6 issues though. I think this will read GREAT in trade, I can’t wait so see how the story concludes.

  2. Same. This is my lone pull of the week–but it never disappoints. I think it’ll be good finale, though no idea where it is going.  

  3. @DenverDave I’ve gotten to enjoy that no idea where it’s going-ness. Just characters and crazy good art with rich tasty colors. Also, more Rockman! I could always use more Rockman. And Captain Wonder’s hairy legs! Reminds me of my dad. Good stuff.

  4. Hopefully this is the issue where the plot & action kick things up a notch (or ten). The slow burn is killin’ me! I love the art though, and will be seeing this book through to the end, even though I’m not in love with it … yep, I’m the one.

  5. I really love this book, I really do.  It’s pretty paint by numbers story-wise though, as I don’t think it’s anything we haven’t seen before.  But it’s fantastic paint by numbers storytelling and I’m loving it.  I dig the fact this and ‘Project Super Powers’ are bringing back so many under used Golden Age characters (Golden Age Daredevil anyone?).  It’s a good time to be a Golden age fan!

  6. My POW.

  7. Wow, compare that Rockman origin sequence with the other one in issue four. super-cool.

  8. A total sleeper hit! I came to this book with low expectations, and it’s almost always at the bottom of my stack. But each time I finish an issue I find that it’s been one of the best reads I’ve had. I’m totally loving this book!

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