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TWELVE #5 (OF 12)

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NealAppeal05/15/08YesRead Review
coltrane6805/14/08YesRead Review
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  1. This story has been going pretty slowly, but the art alone makes it worth it. Weston and whoever are inking and coloring this are doing a great job. I think this is the best looking comic out there. Hopefully something happens in this issue. Anyway, I’m excited about seeing more of the Witness.

  2. .. from what I have seen the art does look awesome but I think I’ll wait for the trade.

  3. Looking foreward to another dose of depressing arguements peppered with intermittent moping without all that STORY getting in the way. Seriously, If this book doesn’t wow me this week I’m probably dropping it.

  4. I agree NealAppeal, this book has gotten slow after a really solid start. Maybe it’s just like the majority of books these days & they are stretching out the story to make more money, when they could tell the story in less issues.

    Let’s hope JMS gets this book back on track soon, because these books aint free! We don’t only want a good book every other issue.

  5. Yeah, I’m okay with the pacing. It’s probably read quicker in the TP, when you don’t need to wait a month for the next story–I’m staying on issue.

  6. I have really been liking this book. I love the fact that some of the heroes are heavy hitters, but most are unpowered schlubs.

  7. Does anyone else think this artist is similar to Dave Gibbons of Watchman fame?

  8. Awesome comic. JMS is doing a great job on this title. I love it!

  9. This title is really starting to bore me. If it wasn’t written by JMS (who is probably my favourite writer) I reckon I would drop it at this point.

    But, I’ll stay on board & see where things go … hopefully things go somewhere with a bit more speedy plot development & action!

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