In a lost land where anything and anyone from anywhen might be, Native Americans Turok and Andar face perils beyond imagining. Swooping down from the clouds astride the awesome Sky-Terror, Turok fights to save Andar and his own beloved Aasta from cruel death at the hands of the Aztec god–king, Maxtla. Turok’s unlikely ally is a fighter pilot from an age yet to come. But can even the firepower of the future stand against thousands of fearless warriors and swarms of trained dinosaurs?

* Turok, Son of Stone is one of comics’ truly iconic characters, popular for half a century.

* Industry legend Jim Shooter returns to the character he redefined in the 1990s to overwhelming sales and critical success.

Writer: Jim Shooter
Artist: Eduardo Francisco
Colorist: José Villarrubia
Cover Artist: Raymond Swanland

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Avg Rating: 3.0
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  1. Is this the last issue? I am guessing that it is. Anyone care to guess whether any of these Gold Key characters will show up in the Valiant company line launching in 2012?

    I hope so. I love Turok and I’m really surprised these Gold Key/Dark Horse comics didn’t get more traction – I thought they were great.

    • I really like the concept of Turok, but browsing the art I just could never bring myself to pick an issue up. I may try a trade if it gets one.

  2. Nice to see Dark Horse totally drop the ball on this one. Started out great… Then it took 8 months to get to issue #2, with absolutely no explanation as to why offered from anyone at DH (trust me, I tried to get one). Then another 8 months to get to #3, and the artist is gone and it looks like crap. The whole launch of the Valiant properties SHOULD have been great, but DH really screwed the pooch with it.

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