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  1. And yet another book that no one is talking about. This one is more shocking though is anyone enjoying or are you like me and completely indifferent for the most part. Every so often though it seems to perk my interest.

  2. I am indifferent. This has been OK, but nothing spectacular.

  3. I’ve been enjoying holding my covers together and forming little collages.

  4. This will be the first DC weekly to get cancelled.

  5. @leonard if countdown survived i imagine this will! Countdown Sucked 100x times harder than this does

  6. i was excited to see this out finally. i was erect for 7 hours.

  7. wow…I guess I should start reading this then.

  8. @thewalkingpaul They say you should see a doctor after 4 hours.

  9. Iron Man was better. Oh, wait, we’re not talking about The Dark Knight? Trinity #7. It was okay. I’m having trouble with how slow this story moves along. This one just seemed to only be able to set up a cliffhanger. I’d rather have more story, and a two-page Who’s Who like origin or background like what was in 52. I guess we’ll only find out who Enigma is when it’s time…

  10. Four weeks ago, I never would have thought this possibe, but — I liked this more than this month’s JLA! It was a little text-heavy, but it has a pretty interesting story that’s becoming clear now.

    Trinity is improving every issue, I’m glad to be one of the three people who didn’t give up on it after that rough start.

  11. I’m glad I have stuck with it too.  Conor is right when he talks about how the pace of a weekly book is different.  You have to give it time.  Right now it has my interest and I’m looking forward to each issue.  I also like how the back-ups are tieing into the main book right away.

  12. I agree with NJBaritone.  This book has hooked me in.  If you’ve been skipping the back story you’re going to want to go back and get in on it.

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