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  1. Perhaps I’m a sado masochist but I’m still picking this book up…I’m secretly hoping that the book will improve now that the purple-people eater…sorry…Konvikt…with a "K" mind you, is gone…

  2. As a graphic designer I can not stomach that logo.

  3. I thought the last issue was the best issue so far.  Fingers crossed it just gets better.

  4. It’s finally getting good after most people have stopped reading it, lol.

    Hey JumpingJupiter, I’ve seen a lot of people say that about the logo, why is it so bad?

  5. I kinda dig the logo when they let the artwork spill over the border.  When it’s just sitting there taking up a whole half of a page, it’s a little much.

  6. Last issue was definitely one of the best so far, especially due to Hawkman! Yeah! Take that, HOwkgirl.

  7. Im still not sure of this series. im not getting excited over it, im not sure what to do anymore.

  8. @JumpingJupiter: That’s a great post you linked to, but the Trinity logo doesn’t have a drop shadow!  Interestingly, I found an interview with the guy who designed it, and he also did the cover for Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.  Huh.

  9. Two really good issues in a row!  Man, Busiek tying this into his JLA/AVENGERS mini-series is ballsy.

  10. I was just thinking, "Conor HAS to be loving this series."  Lo and behold… good call by me!

  11. @RaceMcCloud – Eh, "love" is probably too strong a word.  The first five issues were 3-star, these last two have been 4 stars.

  12. @ flaggthecat: No it doesn’t have a drop shadow but it has next worse thing for logos, gaussian blur. It has poorly executed bevels also. It’s a very slapped-together looking design.

  13. @Conor

    When i read this issue and saw the references to the JLA/Avengers cross-over, I was shocked. These days, it’s like almost nothing is really surprising in a comic but THAT was something i NEVER saw coming. And I loved how they managed to work it in without really referencing the Avengers, but anyone who read it would get it. Nice job by Busiek with that. 

  14. Yeah! This series is getting good now, it’s like a good JLA book!

    Too bad the three issue fight scene with the "hairy purple Hulk" would have scared off so many readers, because this it looks like it’s actually gonna be a decent book.

  15. @JumpingJupiter — I still don’t see why the logo is so bad, but I have noticed a lot of people don’t like it. I guess it’s a technical thing, that a mere mortal like me with no graphic design experience can’t fathom.

  16. Glad I’m not the only one that didn’t like Konvict. (ugh!) I’m hoping that Krona, Despero, Morgaine, and Enigma make for a good story. I like Hawkman stepping in to shake things up a bit. Sorry, but I’m not a big Gangbuster fan. 

  17. I like the logo, myself. I like how it kind of rotates around each week. Hey, I’m easily amused.

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