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  1. This book is in my stack every week.

    I haven’t read one issue. I’ve wanted to but I just put it off.

    I want to read it and I’m sure I will. 

  2. @iiiplace:  I have all the issues, but I have probably only read about the first ten ….flipped through the others…I am a big DC fan, but just cannot get into this story.

  3. I read 1 – 26 and got completely bored because there was no Wonder Woman, no Bats, no Supes for at least half of those issues, and I think they’re still gone.  I bought up to 35, not sure if I’ll ever read them.  

    I’m done with the weekly format if it’s inconsequential to anything other than my bank account.  I loved 52, I liked Countdown until the end, Trinity…yeah, no.

  4. @PhantomPhrenemy – They are back and have been back for about 5 issues.  It is fairly interesting right now, but certainly no 52.

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