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  1. I loved 52 all the way through. There was a couple weeks near the end where I considered dropping Countdown because the rat dog issues were just abysmal, but I made it to the end. But I’m pretty close to dropping this now, which saddens me since I loved the first act so much. I was a fun old school JLA story. All this world without the Trinity stuff is boring as all hell. If they’re not back and kicking ass within a couple weeks, I’m out. I can’t keep dropping three bucks every week on something I don’t like just out of obsessive-compulsiveness.

  2. @jxc — I’m almost exactly the same as you, I loved 52, I didn’t like Countdown very much, but kept buying it until the end, because of OCD, & I was waiting for it to get good (for 52 issues) & at the end when it was really bad, I thought I’d paid for 40 issues, so I should see the story through.

    I stopped reading Trinity about 2 weeks ago, because I don’t wanna repeat the same mistakes I made with Countdown. I’m a huge DC fan & Trinity was good for a while, but it just became way too convoluted for me to enjoy reading. If it gets good again though, I’ll happily catch up.

  3. The backup feature was great.  Seeing the lives of these hangers on (for lack of a better phrase) without their anchors is what this book should be at this stage of the story (in my opinion).  I could watch Alfred being a badass/genius for another 25 issues.

  4. I’m returning to comics after almost 20 years away and at first I was very excited about the prospect of a weekly run, especially with "The Big Three". But I’m thinking of dropping the title. I’ll keep my eyes on the comments over the next two weeks or so and if I seem to miss something important, I’m sure I’ll be able to pick it up off the rack. They don’t seem to be flying out of the store too fast!

  5. The front story was just more of the same, but the back story has me thinking we are about to turn the corner.  I love "Freddy" and the rest of the new Trinity gang.  Here’s to hoping that Busiek can pull it all back together.

  6. Yeah, the back story was the best one yet, IMO.

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