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  1. I just pulled Trinity from my list as well.  It’s not a bad book, but it’s not a great book and I’m trying to keep my list manageable right now.  I’ll definitely pick it up in trade.

  2. This issue looks like it will be Alfred heavy (based on the preview), so it should be a step up.  I love this take on him.

  3. I would have liked to have seen more Alfred, but the Hawkman stuff was pretty interesting as well.

    I love the rag signal in the background.  (I was kinda hoping it would be a tampon, but that is probably pushing it on the tasteless-o-meter).

  4. I liked the flashback to ancient Egypt and Khufu, but come on with the Green Arrow – Ragman conflict. I now see how silly a Bat-signal is when it can be so easily goofed on as an Arrow or Ragman signal. That’s just so wrong.

  5. I understand that Busiek is trying to show what the world is like without the Trinity……but I’m growing tired of it.  The first 10 issues had me really pumped up, then it kinda started waning around 15…..

     Maybe DC should think bout instead of a weekly comic that has a yearlong plot…..doing 6-7 issue arcs like is done in every other book.  Kinda like what Spiderman is doing right….most arcs are 3 issues long, some have gone 4…New Ways to Die was 6.

  6. This issue was so all over the place & unfocused, I challenge anyone to explain what happened in a few sentences. You will win a magical prize.

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