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  1. Not sure if this book is going to be as good as 52, but i know it’s not as bad as countdown.

  2. It’s definitely picking up though, i was thinking about dropping this, but from issue 7 onwards it’s been pretty good.

  3. I like this book because it means I only need to spend a couple bucks a month to see Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Instead of getting their titles outright. (Though I jump on for big events like "Batman RIP" or "New Krypton.") And lately the book has felt like a good mix of the Trinity and the JLA. It’s sort of the all purpose book I’ve wanted for DC. I get to see my favorites like John Stewart and Jason Rasuch and Roy Harper in a book where I don’t feel like they’re shoehorned. While Roy is really just there for comedy, John and Jason have had decent parts so far. And offer some interesting takes.

     I will confess that I have been like Nicezia’s backups off and on. This week’s was definitely on. 

  4. The quality of this book is so much higher than it was during the first few issues.  I am glad I stuck with it.

  5. I had a really good time with this issue, I knew Busiek had a strong idea where he was going.

  6. I’m glad I stuck with it, too. I like the Mirror Universe Crime Syndicate. I like the idea that they kill the competition – that explains why there may not be exact mirror versions of all the other Justice League or DCUniverse heroes… 

  7. I have been loving this book. It is great because it ISN"T just the Trinity. It is how the Trinity relates to everyone else. It has been a blast seeing all the different heroes, and the new villains like Primaat are alot of fun.

  8. Yeah! I’m so glad this book is good now. A decent weekly read from DC with so many characters is awesome. It’s a million times better than Countdown already & too early to say if it’s as good as 52.

    For people not reading this — think of it as a big JLA story with the main focus on Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman, but also it involves A LOT of DC characters, & would be a great introduction to the DCU for new readers (IMO).

  9. Damn, now I have to buy another book!

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