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  1. Very much looking forward to this! I love Hickman’s graphic design sensibilities and fresh storytelling.

  2. Hickman can do no wrong – this has been a great mini with subtle humor to mix up the unique story telling style

  3. Hickman can do no wrong, except for getting his previous books out.  Where’s Pax Romana #3?

  4. I’m cool with waiting if the delay generates quality. Which in Hickman’s case, it does.

  5. I’m generally cool with waiting too, but it seems like every week there’s a new Hickman book out that’s not Pax Romana.

    But hey, when they’re as good as they’ve have been…I guess I could have worse problems…

  6. I like this, or maybe I just want to like it so much that I think I like it, but I’m kind of concerned that it isn’t quite as alive or funny as it made itself out to be.

  7. I just reread the first two issues and they are much funnier a second time through.  Can’t wait to pick up the third.  And to the person asking about Pax, I think he said that’s coming next.  It’s already at the presses.  Check out his messageboard for more info from him about when stuffs coming out.

  8. This is getting funkier each issue! It’s but accessible. It’s outlandish but believable. And actually educational! I love this book!

  9. I think this could end up being a great book for getting people into comics, much like The Nightly News.  Hickman is great, and the artist on this book is doing a good job as well.  Many thanks to Image for putting this stuff out.

  10. I was more holding onto this book because of Hickmans previous works but this issue was the big payoff.  It really started bringing everything together to set up for a last issue and it was hilarious throughout.  I can’t wait to see how this ends now.

  11. Diamond shorted my LCS and no book this week.

    With regards to the prior question on Pax.  Hickman has made it clear the other books get priority because they are shared ownership and he doesn’t want to screw over Bode or JM due to his lateness.  Pax is all on him and he only hurts himself (and those of us waiting for it)

  12. I was disappointed by one thing only. Hickman’s patented two page graphic design porn spreads.

    @sunnyvale: I’m a new reader. Hickman’s books didn’t get me into comics but it’s his work that got me seriously hooked. Mostly because his design work gives me an erection.

  13. @BrikHed – I didn’t know that’s why Pax was late, but that’s certainly an excellent reason.  I like and respect Hickman even more now.

    @JumpingJupiter – Good to hear.

  14. I just want more red mass for mars.

    Maybe it’s because i’m not that into graphic design, but i wasn’t that into nightly news and while i enjoy pax romana quite a bit. I gotta admit that his work with other artists is really what’s floating my boat and getting me excited about hickman. It’s a lot like how i feel about brian wood actually.

  15. Red Mass also gives me a graphic design erection.

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