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  1. Might go nostalgic here and pull this. Loved Metroplex as a kid.

  2. Waste of money. When IDW was hyping this I remember them saying the entire issure was going to be 2 page spreads and here it turns out it wasn’t and we only get to see Metroplex for a few pages.

  3. sob thx Soma …. unpull. They’re charging 3.99 for this, it better at least attempt to be good.

  4. I have slight nerd rage over this book. I might be wrong but Bumble Bee and Gold Bug are the same robot. So how is Gold Bug in this and Bumble Bee is in AHM? Baring Nerd Rage it was ok.

  5. What I get out of this is that in the IDWverse Goldbug & Bumblebee are two separate characters. Kind of like Galvatron & Megatron are in these books.

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