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  1. I dont know about you guys, but this issue ROCKED! totally loved the Howard Porter art. Great Storyline! cant wait for next issue!

  2. Really, smee? Are you an old fan of the Titans? Maybe the reason I can’t stand this book is because I’ve read the Titans forever now. I just can’t appreciate the way Winick writes them.

    Johns did a really good job bringing Jericho back and now Winick has gone and thrown that away… Also, it feels like they have no business being together on the first place.

  3. After the mess that the last arc, I’m not having fun guys.  I wanna love this book but it failing for me.

  4. I did like this issue a lot, however, I have to agree with Alex in saying I don’t understand really why they are together. At this point it just seems forced, the last "Titans" book in the late ’90’s/early 2000’s at least made more sense of them being together. 

  5. Wow, this was a HORRIBLE issue.

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