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The “Family Reunions” arc concludes as the Tattooed Man confronts his inner demons after murdering his son’s killer. And bursting out of last month’s SHAZAM one-shot, Freddie Freeman (a.k.a. Shazam) takes on Osiris. After the lightning and thunder settles, one of these heroes will fall.


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  1. Haven’t been keeping up w/ Osiris since he got back to town.  I loved his Blackest Night appearance as well as Freddie in Trials of Shazam.  I’m in.

  2. This has been a great new direction this book has been heading in. Hope it continues.

  3. I’m a Captain Marvel fan, so I gotta buy this. 🙂

  4. I liked this issue a lot more than the previous ones.  The only thing I cannot stand is when they talk about the Murder of Ryan Choi, it just seems to contrived. But much better and keeping on this one for awhile…

  5. I never liked the murder of Ryan Choi but I am glad to see that its at least being addressed here. Though I think we’ve already seen Dwarfstar get his comeuppance elsewhere?   I’m curious to see how that plays out.   

    @Diabhol–I bought this and last ish for the Captain Marvel tie in cause I’m also a big fan, and these two have been SO much better then anything I’ve read here since the villains took over.

  6. @Skyfire124 Good to know. That said, I still felt like I missed something between the one-shot and this issue. Did Freeman appear at all in #31, like on the last page or anything?

  7. I can’t stand neither the story in this book nor the fact that it’s called Titans…

    But I _really_ hope this is the first step in getting Billy back screaming Shazam and into the spotlight.

  8. @Diabhol–Yes, He did appear on the last page or two of the last issue

  9. I really have no idea why I;m still buying this. I guess the art isn’t that bad.

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