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  1. This comic has something in common with the Power Glove: it’s so bad.

    I found nothing that said "buy me" in the first two issues, and this cover is unforgettable enough for me to forget about it for seven issues. Hopefully by the next big round number, it will have figured itself out.

  2. Just curious — am I only one reading this who doesn’t hate it?

  3. yes

  4.  Well , I am reading and I am going to give it a chance. I will give anything 12 issues , before I decide if it is good or bad.

  5. I am still reading it. I haven’t decided if it’s my  bag or not.

  6. Wade, I am still reading it and I actually think it is good. The last issue was better than the first and I like the art. I think everyone is giving it to hard of a time. 

  7. I too am reading it and enjoying it. I’m kind of getting back into comics and its cool to see variations of heroes I’d learned about from cartoons and such then going into comics. I have an understanding of who most of the characters are and the series is only on issue 3 so I’m sure it’ll start to pick up as everything is setup. Its a fun read and I’m enjoying it.

  8. Art aside, the story has been good.

  9. The art in the last issue wasn’t my favorite but I have enjoyed the first couple of issues.

  10. If it has to do with the Titans I am going to buy it. Granted the art has not been great, but I agree with Conor, the story has been pretty good. I am glad they finally decided to bring back the "New" Teen Titans’ greatest foe….TRIGON!!  Just give it a chance people.

  11. I bought the first issue read it on lunch and left it at the subway for somebody random to read…I feel like I might have stopped whoever picked that up from wanting to read another comic again.

  12. LOL capcool.

    So much hate for this book! I don’t get it. I know it’s nothing special, but I’ve read a lot worse.

    @boostergold4 – Wasn’t Trigon in Teen Titans pretty recently? My memory sucks.

  13. @kthx-Nice "The Wizard" reference. I love that movie…

  14. Yea I’ve enjoyed the story to.  I really like what they are doing with the Flash.

  15. The art is horrible, as it’s taking after the "Year One" style a little too much… but that was only issue 2, issue one, imho, was great. Hoping 3 is better than 2!

  16. The art isn’t that great but I do like Starfire’s hair in some of the panels.

    Not surprising Dick would luck out with the desire link. 😉

    Right now I’m enjoying this series more than Teen Titans. 

  17. I thought issue three was the best of the three.  I liked the deadly sins thing going on. This series is growing on me

  18. Best issue so far … but, most people would say, that’s not sayin’ much.

    Im guessing what throws most people off this book is the art, and I like Benitez style (I’m not sure why he draws Nightwing with Plastic Man’s neck though), so I can put up with Winicks average writing.

    Why does Winick get so much work when his writing is so unpopular? It seems like so many readers hate his writing, but DC keeps giving him all these books to write, when usually it’s the popular writers who get multiple books, (like Bendis, Brubaker etc.) I don’t get it …

  19. The art is so distracting it takes away from what could be a good book.  I feel like I’m reading a 90’s Image book with all of the cheesecake poses that dominate the pages.

    I am a big Winnick fan (yes, there are some of us out there WadeWislon.)  His Green Arrow and GA/Black Canary are excellent, as is Trials of Shazam.  Not to mention, Outsiders, Batman and Exiles, all great runs.  I’m not sure why he gets so much grief.  So I ‘ll give it a chance and keep reading and hope that they fix-up the artwork issues.


    It is like a 90’s Image comic, isn’t it?

    Not the best thing out there, but hardly the worst.  I’m enjoying it enough to keep up with it, though the second issue was pretty bad.


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