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  1. i want this book to be soo much better.  its not bad, but its not as great as i want it to be, although thats a common problem with DC books lately.

  2. I got this coming through DCBS, but this is probably my last issue.  Titans started off ok but I really haven’t cared for it since the Jericho story started.

  3. Almost gotta pick this up just for that cover! That’s DCU porn right there.


  4. wait what did the end imply when dick was talking to donna? that dicks heart belongs to donna??


  5. @mikeandzod21 I completely agree, I just want this book to be so much better than it is. I just don’t know how much longer I can wait. Judd was really good on Green Arrow and Black Canary but its not happening here.

  6. ill give this and GA/ BC one more issue, but i just find myself being so depressingly underwhelmed by this boom each month.  and im soo sick of the JLA or somebody showing up as a cliffhanger to take on another set of heroes, like when they showed up in Flash to stop his kids from superheroing.  its soo over used now.

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