None of the Time Masters’ problems in the time continuum compares with what’s in store for them when they cross paths with the Reverse Flash! In fact, nothing will be the same for the entire universe after this fateful meeting!

Don’t miss this companion series to the best-selling “Return of Bruce Wayne” storyline!

Written by DAN JURGENS

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  1. Hmmm… I hope this ties into Blackest Night / Brand New Day / Flash Rebirth storyline.  It probably won’t, but I can hope.

  2. I was not expecting that. I have a feeling that this is going to go more and more down that road towards camp.

  3. Huh? What is this?!

  4. @Minion: This series went past camp three issues ago.  I have long compared this series to Astonishing Spider-man / Wolverine.  Basically, it’s a very over-the-top comic book with good characterizations.  You raise a good point, though.  It probably be a very insular story to Booster and Rip.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  (That is why I buy the book, after all.)

  5. @clrosejr I would never say that this series hasn’t been camp. I’m saying it will be JUST camp and that just sucks. Its adding a little bit to Rip’s backstory but nothing that couldn’t be done in one good issue of Booster Gold.

  6. Remember when this was about the search for Bruce Wayne?

    Good times.

  7. @WheelHands – Yeah, thank god they dropped that! Makes me care about it at all.

  8. @CaseyJustice  Amen to that, brother!

  9. Quick question. Do you think this was delayed because it wasn’t done or because Flash was delayed and Zoom just got released?

  10. @Minion:  That’s an interesting theory.  This book had been pretty regular prior to this month, so  there’s a good chance you’re right.  Zoom is one of those characters that could be from any time period, so he wouldn’t necessarily have to be from current continuity.  And, the villains at Vanishing Point we’re supposedly taken from their own times at the hight of the prowess, so again, he could be from any time.  However, Zoom was dead.  And, when he was brought back at the end of Blackest Night, he was immediately put into prison.  So, he would have to escape before he could do any damage in current continuity.  And, DC does care about these sorts of things, so I would say there is a strong chance that you’re right.  It will certainly be interesting to see how they explain Zoom’s appearance.

  11. @Minion and @ctrosejr   I think that if DC cared about keeping the continuity straight with this storyline at all, they wouldnt have let all the Return of Bruce Way/ The Road Home/Batman and Robin come out in such a fucked up order.  Really enjoying this though so…whatever.

  12. Another off issue this week.  This was a a great story, but I wonder with Batman already coming back if they changed the story line completely.  I truly do wonder if there was another plot that got scraped due to Batman being back already.  I was really enjoying this series until this issue, and with only one issue I will finish it up.  I am hoping from this mini we will see more of Rip Hunter…

  13. Right now in terms of Booster characterization, I’m putting this book square in the center.  I’ve liked the stuff in Generations Lost the best, and Booster’s own series the least of the three…all three are fun and I’m enjoying them but as Ive said at least twice before, Booster’s own series is his weakest, and that’s a shame.

    I’m ok with the Time Masters being campy.  What I’ve objected is getting run into the ground with yet another Cant get over Beetle storyline.  Time Masters feels like it got pulled from the Booster Gold series so that Giffen could relive his own JLI glory days in that book. 

    That being said, I really wanna see more of Rip Hunter so Im right there, with you @MountNJ.  I’d also like to see an introduction to who Booster’s future wife will be….(Maybe Liri Lee?) and a maybe bring back Booster’s ancestors, Daniel and Rose to the main series.

  14. This is the kind of comic that I need every once in a while. It’s a bit of a throw-back, with characters possessing simple characterizations having wild adventures that are completely removed from any semblance of reality. It reminds me of some of the 80’s and 90’s comics that got me reading in the first place. That’s not to say I want ALL my comics like this, but every now and then I need a fun story that I can turn my brain off and read.

    I lament the loss of the MC2 universe for this reason. Last year, Spider-Man: Clone Saga filled this position.

  15. @CaseyJustice: Man, you’re on my same wavelength!  I totally agree with what you’re saying about this series, and seriously, Spider-Man: Clone Saga was one of the (I won’t say “best”) enjoyable Spider-man story I have read in years!

  16. Thought this was pretty bad. The story is disjointed. It doesn’t seem like they know where they are taking this story. They dismiss a couple characters in the middle in an awkward way. The villain’s “No!” at the end was lame. This is easily the most poorly executed issue in the mini so far. 1/5

    But I have hope for the last issue, cuz I’ve liked the early issues of this mini quite a bit.

  17. Best issue yet(Not saying much) Still not great by any means.

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