Touched by the power of the Void, Abraham Lincoln continues his cross-time crusade to stop the fiendish forces of Void Stalin, the Tyrant of Time!

Now Stalin’s power has galvanized an enormous Asian nation into attempting world conquest-in the 1920s! Lincoln’s team join forces with two of history’s greatest aviators, Amelia Earhart and Lucky Lindy, to take down Apocalypse Mao and his Time Fighter squadron!

By Fred Perry

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  1. TIME LINCOLN! Every week I always have to check all the way down to the bottom of the shipping listy, making sure that this book isn’t sneaking by without my notice. There is only joy in my heart.

  2. Yes. I say to you, yes. I would act surprised that I’m the only one who cares at all about this book, but really I’m just surprised that it continues to exist. For the three of us that are buying it, however, it is ridiculous, over the top historical madness that never fails to entertain. POTW, suckas!

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