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Radical Publishing releases its latest action-adventure miniseries from the critically acclaimed creative team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray (Jonah Hex), with interior illustrations from multi-award winning industry veteran Paul Gulacy!

A group of international scientists and archeologists on a publicly funded dig discover a hidden city beneath the streets of Berlin. Constructed as a failsafe option for the Nazi party should they lose the war, the city is also home to Hitler’s ultimate doomsday weapon – an Omega bomb designed to wipe out the human race – and it’s just been activated.

Now, crews of scientists with state-of-the-art weapons and equipment must travel back in time to stop the bomb from going off. However, they soon discover that, rather than going back in time for 24 hours as intended, they’ve been sent back 65 years into the heart of Hitler’s Germany.

Story: Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray
Art: Paul Gulacy, Clint Langley

Price: $4.99
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  1. I saw Palmiotti and Gray, read the synopsis and said what the hell. Let’s do this. Ordering two months ahead I have already committed to the whole series (Is that a reason for three issue series?), so it better not suck.

  2. @JimBilly4 – you might be on to something. If each issue is 56 pages then the three issue series will be comprable to a 5 issue 32 page mini

  3. I wish the "Last Days of American Crime" would wrap up.

  4. Last Days is finishing in August.

  5. I’ve been pre-ordering all the Radical titles.  Really digging "Last Days of American Crime".

  6. I hope my LCS gets this. Palmiotti & Gray plus Nazis and time travel, you can’t go wrong.

  7. I did get this and it was worth every penny. Good opening story and awesome art. It was put together really well and I liked the 56 page format.

  8. Great story. Reads like a sci-fi/thriller movie. My only complaint is that I did not completely lock on to the main characters (the 4 covert-ops peopel), who seemed slightly shallow. Still, I feel my hunch paid off and I am glad I am on this one.

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