• Emotions run high!

Story by Daniel Way
Art by Phil Noto
Cover by Julian Totino Tedesco & Phil Noto

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Avg Rating: 3.1
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  1. This whole Elektra+Frank thing is just dumb. Here is a man that from his origin has always said he never did love, never did relationships, and wouldn’t do it. its not his character at all. So glad I dropped this book.

  2. I’ll give it a shot for the always awesome Phil Noto art. But I doubt I’ll stick with it.

  3. This will be my first time trying this series again since I dropped it from issue #2 because the art was killing me.

  4. I might give it a go for Noto. 😉

  5. Awesome Noto is on board now. Now if we can get a new writer this series would be going places. (i’m looking at you Rick Remender)

    Hard to imagine you can mess up a book with such a killer team as this.

  6. Frank+Elektra is stupid on countless levels. I was okay with it in punisherMAZX because Jason Aaron did some sweet things with it and in the end made it so it was totally okay and fit with Frank’s character. Why can’t Elektra just find her way over into Daredevil for a few issues, I want to see Waid and Samnee handle her so much more than Way.

  7. I’m hoping that Daniel Way writes a better story then the first story arc. Phil Noto’s art looks awesome. I hope that he sticks around.

  8. Would totally be down for this on the basis of Phil Noto alone, but I didn’t dig the first few issues, art- or story-wise.

    And this is exactly the roster and leader I predicted. Bummer.

    After almost 100 issues, Thunderbolts is no longer my favorite comic book.

    Still down with Dark Avengers, but that ends in May.

    Wonder if they’ll do something special for issue #200.


  9. So stupid that they completely ignored ruckas punisher run. They could’ve made punisher a million times more interesting.

  10. In all honesty I hated this book up until the last two issues and now I’m starting to get into it a little.
    I only keep pulling it because of Deadpool and my obsession to collect what he is in.

  11. This was the best issue of Thunderbolts so far. It should have happened in the first book IMO. I just found out that Daniel Way is being replaced as the Write.

  12. Couldn’t even get through the entire issue. Art was still good though. About half way through I just stopped reading and just looked at the art. Kind of a waste for Phil Noto.

  13. Even Noto can’t put put a shine on this turd of a comic book.

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