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  1. YES!!! Rick Remender FTW!!

  2. Wow, didn’t know that.

    but why is it 4 bucks? I hope it’s plus size.

  3. well the streak couldn’t continue, i’ve been loving this series but god this was not good at all. 

  4. The art in this book was horrible but I enjoyed the story.

    Story-4 Art-1

  5. I’m tired of being strung along by this title. Dropped.


  6. good story, but wont be picking  up the next issue though…lol

  7. Just so you all know, this isn’t the creative team going forward. Jeff Parker and Miguel Sepulveda start their run next issue.

  8. I enjoyed this. Ant-Man had some good moments.

  9. Definitely wished I skipped this month. Both the art and the story were uninspired and run of the mill.

  10. This was pretty solid and extra long which is good since it was 3.99. I had some difficulty understanding the art in some panels though.

  11. Sweet Christmas, what more could you ask for? It’s Iron Fist and Luke Cage kicking some ass then getting flapjacks!

  12. Why do they still draw that stupid collar?

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