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  1. Im really digging this series,,,how can you go wrong with that cover…..Ghost is becoming when of my favorite charaters in this book passing ant-man ,,who knew

  2. Is Diggle off this book at the end of this arc?

    Ghost is easily my favorite character on this team. This is a quality book.

  3. Yes Diggle is leaving the book with issue 137. Outside of the Deadpool crossover this book has been amazing and looks to be all that and more based on the next few covers. I’m going to miss Diggle… wonder who takes his place, my money’s on Remender.

  4. i read some where that diggle was gong onto daredevil after this is that true

  5. After that horrible crossover with Deadpool, this book has slowly turned around for me.

  6. @oldman – yes Diggle and De La Torre are taking over Daredevil with issue #501.

  7. I agree on the Deadpool crossover, killed the momentum this book had going. But I am really excited tosee some of the original Thunderbolts come back.

  8. Diggle is leaving this already?  Damnit, he barely got a chance to work with it, especially with the crossover.  This book is perfect for him (based on my love for The Losers).

  9. I really, really hope they get the ‘band’ back together.

  10. The return of Mach IV & The Fixer almost made this my POW. So glad I didn’t drop this book after the six times I’ve been tempted to. 🙂


  11. This comic was made for me. 5/5

  12. This issue was great. I’ve enjoyed Diggle’s short run on this comic and I hope it goes out with a bang. Hopefully the guy following Diggle will be able to keep up the consistency and tone that Ellis brought to the Thunderbolts.

  13. I loved this issue… I loved this cover… I might be hooked on Thunderbolts =|

  14. genetic camo… really… where was this during the invasion

  15. lol peterporker I thought you said cam- *erm nevermind

  16. Hmm that was a twist.

  17. SPOILERS —

    So I only jumped on to Thunderbolts with Dark Reign, is the reveal to imply that Romanov is working for Fury while working for Osborn as Belova, or is it that Belova is really being a double agent and Romanov disguised herself to intercept Songbird.

    Or am I meant not to know until 135?

  18. Excellent issue.  Awesome seeing the old T-Bolts!

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