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  1. YAY!!! I might find out how this ends before Secret Invasion!

  2. I don’t read this regularly, but I was hoping to see Capt. Marvel v Thunderbolts. Oh well.

  3. @Rofo   This is a wrapup to Warren Ellis’ arc that’s been ongoing for a while.  I think the thing you’re looking for will probably play out either in Secret Invasion or some SI tie-in book.   The Ellis story will make a good trade but it’s been dragging on forever (not the pacing of the story, which is good, but shipping problems).

  4. lateness issues aside, i’ll be sad to see this creative team go

  5. Chris Gage should be just as good. Is Deodato leaving too? That would bug me the most.

  6. Great ish! I love it when a plan comes together even if it is Goblin-craziness. Some of the best artwork in the run. If only it hadn’t taken 9 months to get here.

  7. How is this not pick of the week?  As much as I loved Captain Britain, this book should win simply because of Osbourne’s rant in the first few pages. Gage, you’ve got a lot to live up to, buddy!

  8. omg this issue was epic!

  9. Wow, belated pick of the week!  I forgot to get this one on my first couple trips to the shop and then I was blown away by it.  I almost always like Ellis’s writing, but I sometimes forget how amazing he can be when he really swings for the fences, and WOW.

  10. This was definitely my pick of the week.  So much fun… More Goblin please!!

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