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  1. I know the ifanboy crew isn’t exactly crazy about this book, but i beg anyone who hasn’t given it a chance to just try it out. the first issue was kind of dull (i almost dropped it, i just though it was boring), but after that it really starts to pick up. BIGTIME.

     It’s probably my favorite team book right now and it may be my favorite of Ellis’ superhero work that i’ve read.

  2. I’m a fan!  I wish it came out more often, but this arc should be a good TPB, and I’m enjoying it in issues; I just don’t always remember it exists.

  3. Ya, i have to agree that my only realy problem is the wait between issues. but then i see Deodato’s art and i realize that that’s what i’m waiting for and then i’m happy. 😉

  4. Actually, I should say, I do like the fillins that Chris Gage has been doing.  It’s just hard to remember the main story, and I can never predict when it’s going to be out.

  5. oh I’ve definitely been loving this series with every issue. Too bad it just takes sooooo long for it to come out.

  6. Oh I can’t wait, my most anticipated this week I think.


    It says a lot for how slow a comic week it was that a comic that I don’t normally read, and don’t really like, is my personal pick of the week.



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