Eisner-nominee ROGER LANGRIDGE & CHRIS SAMNEE continue their epic reimagining of the God of Thunder!

As Thor uncovers the mystery of why he was thrown from Asgard, his efforts are somewhat sidetracked by the awesome engine of destruction known as FIN FANG FOOM!!!!!!!!

Letterer: RUS WOOTON

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. Going to switch to issues for this because I know the second trade isn’t going to be very big.

  2. I was going to do this in trade originally then I saw somewhere that the trades were going to be digest sized or something…I HATE digest size.

    I was happy my LCS still had one copy of the first 4 issueson the rack when I finally decided to jump on and I’ve loved it since…to bad Marvel killed it so quickly. I was actually thinking about dropping the main Thor title in favor of this one.

  3. AHHH! More people need to pull this book immediately!!! Buy, copies for your friends!

  4. I added to my LCS pull to guarantee an I get it in case people buy up the issue in the fire sale.

  5. I’m really getting worn out on Thor comics.  Unfortunately, this is the only one I still feel like reading (Except for Hickman’s excellent Ultimate mini). Oh well.  I’ll get the trades and am definitely looking forward to Samnee’s next work.

  6. @RedMoses your comment just made me realize something, this is now the only Thor book I’m reading since I dropped the main title after Fraction took over.  Now what am I gonna do…

  7. @Malecema – Demand that they put Landgridge and Samnee on the main Thor title …

  8. I am switching to issues too!

  9. @Malecema – Take a Thor break for a bit. That’s my plan.

    At least, until the movie…

  10. No offense to the creative team by this weeks Astonishing Thor but come on!?!? Another Thor mini?! Everyone NEEDS to support quality books like this. Its a real shame Marvel can’t allow Langridge & Samnee to at LEAST finish the twelve issues they had planned. Picture it after completing the run, Marvel would have a beautiful collection to put in Barnes & Noble, Borders and any other local bookstore. Then, once the film comes out all the new Thor fans will have something their parents could buy them. This cancellation has hit me in a way I have never felt before over a books cancellation. Its so unfortunate.

  11. One of my favorite books, I’m finishing singles of this and may get trades just to lend to friends.

  12. I jumped on this series back when the double rainbow edition came out. It was the only mavel book on my pull list from month to month. sigh

  13. @CaseyJustice: I think that’s the way it’s gonna be.  Anybody know how long Fraction is supposed to be on the main title?

  14. @boomergirl – I read FF and Secret Warriors in trade, but as far as monthlies go, this is it.

    A bloody shame. :-/ 

  15. Such as shame this is going under. If only they could have dropped all that "Thor: First Thunder" instead.

  16. damn you marvel. I mean really? Come on.

  17. I hope you’re all already part of the twitter / facebook movement to #SaveThorTheMightyAvenger! 

    Our plan is to take pictures of ourselves buying and reading issue #6 (and then issues 7 & 8)

    So Take a picture of yourself with issue #6 tomorrow, and then tweet it to @marvel with the hashtag #SaveThorTheMightyAvenger !

    Or post it to the facebook fan page at  

  18. I am sure this has been talked to death, but it does seem really short-sighted to cancel such a critically acclaimed and accessible book for low sales. I was dissapointed by SWORD and Captain Britain, but they were clearly no where near as accessible as this work. If I had given a SWORD trade to cousin Jimmie he would have rightfully given me a what-the-fuck-is-this look. With a Thor movie coming out, did they really see no possible upside to Trade sales? Maybe they just figured 8 issues was enough to make a nice hard cover if the crazy fans really demanded it. No reason to waste more money. Maybe they are right.

  19. Excellent issue. One of my favorites of the run. 5/5 in a week with the most fives I’ve ever had: 3.

    I hope they let them finish off 4 more issues to make it 12 too.

  20. Ok, I had to look up this ‘Double Rainbow’ thing and I’m even more confused…

    Marvel is pleased to announce that both Thor: The Mighty Avenger #1 and Thor: The Mighty Avenger #2 have sold out at Diamond (though copies may be available at a retail level) and due to retailer and fan demand alike, will return with Thor: The Mighty Avenger – Double Rainbow!

    How does this make this a title ripe for cancellation if the first two issues have sold out at the top levels (my LCS no longer has the first 4 issues)? Why not lower the print run or maybe axe the other 500 Thor books coming out and while you’re at it…kill of some X-Books.

  21. Too many  other Thor books makes everything confusing. They should have this and Ultimate Thor and make regular Thor about Asgardian Society or some such like the Jenkins/Lee  Inhumans miniseries.



  22. What a touching issue, with a wonderful payoff at the end. Hell yes, Thor! Get you some kissies!

  23. With all the people who were trade waiting this series it’s a wonder it didn’t get cancelled sooner!

  24. I really liked this issue. It was more romance than comedy but sometimes that’s a good thing.

  25. This is the way Thor should be! Damn Marvel for cancelling it.

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