• The penultimate chapter in the saga of the God Butcher.

• Thus comes the final battle against Gorr, as three Thors lead an army of slave gods in the fight to save all of divinity.

• But will it all be for naught…as the massive Godbomb is triggered at last…?

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Esad Ribic
Colors by Ive Svorcina
Letters by Joe Sabino
Cover by Esad Ribic

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 33.1%


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Avg Rating: 4.8
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  1. This looks really cool.

    I have to remember to order this from the library.

  2. 10 issues in and this title is still delivering the goods. This Thor run is sure to go down in history as one of the greatest.

    • As I wrote in a recent review…This is the LAST Thor story. There can’t be another story more epic, more engrossing, more creative, more just plain THOR.”

    • There may be some truth to that – it’s gonna be hard to top this run.

    • Yeah, this is almost like All-Star Superman in that it encompasses everything about the character and touches on so many important facets of the character. And having the bad guy trying to kill all the gods?? This is such a great plot.

  3. Aaron can do no wrong. As much as i love the God Butcher I cant wait to see what else is in store after this

  4. A true testament of a great series can often be judged by the art it inspires. Thor God of Thunder has been an inspiring run so far. In fact, I’ve been so moved by Aaron/Ribic’s epic work, that I want to share a poem I’ve been working on…

    “Thor, the great and mighty
    A god who likes to fighty…

    Anyways, that’s where I am with it so far.

    • 🙂 Not sure if thats sarcasm, but thanks for the laugh. Maybe something about “the Butcher is pale… something something… ale.” Personally I’ve been choreographing dance moves after every issue.

    • @the WAC1 – just inducing some levity into the conversation. On a serious note, Aaron and Ribic’s Thor, in my opinion, is the best comic being produced by the ‘Big Two’.

      The entire concept is awe-inspiring and a rare case where the use of hyperbole is the only way to work when describing this series.

    • I agree. It’s really over-the-top on the greatness scale. And I very much enjoyed your levity. I’m a little leary for the next arc. This has been so astounding that I can’t help but feel that whatever comes next will feel less than. I guess I just gotta trust the writer.

  5. This book has been so damn good and this arc hasn’t seemed long to me at all as its being so well written by Aaron .And Esad Ribic is sooooo good on this. I’m not familiar with any stuff he’s done before but I’ll buy anything he does now.

    • Ribic did a Silver Surfer story with JMS back in the day and his art looked a lot like Alex Ross’ art in Marvels. As the Silver Surfer story (called Requiem) was only four issues, Ribic was able to take a little more time with it and it was on par with Alex Ross. It’s also great on JMS’ part, my favorite Surfer story.

    • Thanks alot I’l definitely check this out! Could definitely use some more Ribic art in my life and I haven’t read a Silver Surfer story in a long time.

    • I just ordered it from and the covers look amazing. Thanks again!

  6. Every time I see that it’s a Thor week, it illicits a bellowing “YYYYYEEEESSSSS!!” from deep within.

  7. Esad Ribic was born to draw Thor. It will be a sad day when he is off this book after the conclusion of this fantastic story.

    • Off for Good?

    • I don’t think anything has been announced beyond the next arc, which will have Ron Garney on art. I’ve liked his art in the past, but it will be quite a change from Esad.

    • I’m not that big a fan of Garney’s work. The main reason I picked up Thor #1 was Esad Ribic’s art – I will read anything just to look at that dudes art – so when he splits I gotta feeling I may too. This isn’t to say I dig what Aaron is doing here, never having read a single issue of Thor in my life I am pleasantly surprised how accessible this series has been and instantly compelling. Well who knows, maybe I will stick around after Ribic leaves, but things just won’t be the same.

    • @ghostmann: I’m going to stick with the book for now, but I agree, this title works for me because of the high quality of the entire creative team.

      Unless he has some big announcement at San Diego this week, I suspect Esad will be back. I mean, he got out 9 issues of this book in 10 months (plus ten painted covers, right?) — I feel like that’s a really impressive pace for his style of art. He probably just needs an arc off for a little rest and some time to get a jump on the next arc.

  8. What Garney will do certainly won’t look as monumental as what Ribic does, but give Ron a chance willya?

    He still holds a special place in my heart for his work on Captain America with Mark Waid.

  9. I hope Ribic returns and is on-again/off-again like with Immonen on All-New or Bachalo on Uncanny; I hope they maintain a house-style that the inaugural artists return to while similar-looking artists work on the books.

  10. Another thundering ish. much enjoyed. potw

  11. Few more books to read. But I’m sure this is my POTW. Wow.. Just an amazing book all around.

  12. So far this has been the stand out comic today in other wise weak day of reading comics – nothing has really made me sit up and take notice besides Thor ( I still have ultimate Spider-Man to read so that may change things) but yeah POTW at this point. Ribic continues to astound with his art. Love how he keeps the “penciled” look on some panels, showcasing his strength in that area.

  13. Pick of the Week! Another fantastic goddam issue! Read it twice already while drooling over the art!

  14. “You’re Thor! You hit it with hammers!……Aye. That i can do”
    Greatest lines of the issue
    Pick of the fucking week!!!

  15. This book can do no wrong.

    Also, I’m in love with the Daughters of Thor. I really hope they aren’t cast aside for too long after this arc.

  16. So much bad assness. Absolutely LOVED the page with Thor “hammering in fear” on the Godbomb. The beats were perfect and every strike of Aaron’s narration hit home. POTW. Great stuff here.

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