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THOR #621


If only Previews let us use bigger fonts. The end of an epic god-scale battle is fought HERE and NOW for the souls of everyone entangled in the branches of the World Tree. Who shall stand for Earth? Who shall stand for Asgard? Who shall fall in Asgard’s name? Not everyone’s making it out of this one. Place your bets, grab a hankie, and wipe that blood from your eyes… the darkness before dawn is upon us! Brought to you by two Matts, a John, and the marvelous Pasqual.

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Pasqual Ferry & Salvador Larroca
Colors by Matt Hollingsworth & Ulises Arreola
Letters by John Workman
Cover by Pasqual Ferry & Matt Hollingsworth

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.2
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  1. Although pretty, this initial Thor run ran off the rails character-wise. None of the characters seemed to be acting like I expected and the new ways were not interesting. I am starting to think Fraction is not my thing, or at least he needs to be on just the right character/project (his Iron Man is occasionally really slow, but He does seem to consistently nail Stark’s character).

  2. Fraction has made it clear that he wanted Loki and Odin back to tell the Thor stories he wanted to tell–as his ideas hinged upon the relationship of those three asgardians. He also really seems to want to rush the story toward the nine realms coming back to their “normal” status. This arc gas seemed to be rushing toward those goals to get to the story fraction wants to tell rather than bring an entirely worthwhile tale on it’s own

  3. @JimBilly4 and @Jdudley   What you guys said.

  4. It is shame to almost reset JMS’s run so quickly, but Fraction is amazing when writing epic stories set in the Nine Realms, etc so hopefully this won’t be for nothing.

    And then Gillen can handle the Midgard stuff in Journey Into Mystery… maybe that’s the route they’re going.

  5. So which book Thor book is Coipel going 2 be drawing? That’s the one I’m going 2 read.

  6. @zattaric  He’ll be doing the book with fraction. not journey into mystery

  7. Having read fraction’s earlier Thor work, I will say that I am very much looking forward to his upcoming Thor work once the status of the Thir U is reset to set the stage for those stories.

  8. I’ll be back for Mighty Thor, but this has been so not-great that I’m hesitant, despite the Coipel art.

  9. Thank god this is over! Fraction’s Thor has been near impossible to swallow. I cannot wait for Journey Into Mystery to start up, I mean truely start AFTER Fear Itself.
    It’s just to bad th artist I like is going to be on the Thor book I’m not going to get in the monthly format because I simply cannot stand Fraction on Thor.
    I’ll grab the trades though…maybe, if I can find them cheap.

  10. @Zarathos81 you said it. This arc was a joke. I’ve never been a huge Fraction fan on any level, but this arc makes me want to avoid him. It was that awful, IMO.

  11. I felt the exact opposite i guess. To me this arc was everything i wanted out of a thor comic

  12. I really enjoyed Fraction’s Ages of Thunder. And though I was enjoying Gillen’s take over of the JMS storyline, I was excited to for Fractions take on the Thor ongoing.  I was truly disapointed and this issue was a capper on something that I really did not care for. 

    I’m looking forward to Gillen’s return with JITM #622 next month. I will also probably be buying The Mighty Thor #! as well, but it will be because of Coipel.  

    I really wanted to like it…

  13. So disappointing. And Ferry is a horrible artist. He has no story telling abilities whatsoever

  14. that was a pointless…

  15. WTF! That was truly a wasted storyline – it meandered across way too many issues, always changing, never holding a narrative or conceptual thread for long, and the payoff was hollow. One chop at the tree = galactic reset button? It was too slow to entertain each month, and even Ferry seemed to lose interest by the end. Boo. Boo I say! I loved the cohesive and imaginative stories that JMS/Coipel were telling so much that it makes this garbage even harder to stomach.

  16. Matt Fraction owes me $3.00

  17. @RadConsv

    Matt Fraction owes me a lot more than $3… 

  18. @RadConsv + Slockhart… agreed.

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