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THOR #617

THE WORLD EATERS continue their rampage down the World Tree on an unstoppable blitz to Asgard. The magnificient residents of the nine worlds flee their rampage… coming to Asgard for protection. Can the Fallen City protect the exiles of seven worlds from an unimaginable evil? And what on earth is Thor doing in Paris? And who has he found there…? You wouldn’t believe us if we told you.


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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Fraction’s deput issue was incredible, then it just kinda treaded water in the second issue. Crossing my fingers here but I may have to start trade waiting this title (it is fraction, after all- almost always read better in trade) if this issue doesn’t crackle like 615.

  2. I forgot to drop this after the last issue, so it’s going to be in my hold this week.  Another 4 dollars down the toilet…

  3. I agree. And the whole desire to bring Loki back seemed to come out of nowhere. I mean they are still in the ruins of Asgard and Thor already misses his brother? Weak.

  4. This is a chopping-block issue for me. I’m not hating it, but I expect more from Fraction. The art is very good…but the double-page sequences get very tedious.

  5. I’m liking it, but then again I’m not a regular Thor reader, so I don’t have a lot to compare it to.  Jumped on with Fraction.

  6. I miss the JMS run

  7. Whoa, kind of shocked at the comments here. The first two issues were so much fun to me. This has potential to be my favorite comic on the stands right now

  8. I’m with you, heylook. I’ve loved the first two issues so far. Fun and deep.

  9. @heylook @rustyautoparts Agreed, this has been my exact cup of tea so far.

  10. I can’t believe anybody would’ve liked the second issue, I wanted to pull a South Park and go to Fraction’s house and demand my money back.  It was identical to the first issue but with different art, not one thing happened that didn’t already happen in the first one.  It was a waste of time and money.

  11. Dropped, bringing back Loki, after he caused so much pain and suffering, not to mention the fall of Asgard!  Inexplicable and lame, standard Fraction to me. 

  12. great first issue shitty second one. make or break issue.

  13. Huuuge improvement over issue 616 (i loved Fraction’s debut issue but felt that issue 616 di nothing to move the story forward and took some awkward narrative turns) This issue, on the other hand, reminds me how well Fraction truly does understand the Thor universe and the characters who inhabit it. If this quality can be maintained, this run on Thor could prove to be an epic one indeed. (also, it’s amazing how different Fraction’s take on Thor is here than in his work, Thor: Ages of Thunder, which took such a literal take on the mythos. Though this will likely read much better in trade—as is typical of Fraction’s long-form sotrytelling—this issue will keep me picking this book up monthly for sure. 

  14. While I didlike certain things, Thor looking like the hack actor playing him in the soon to bomb live action movie, odd shaped words balloons are the main ones I don’t really think now’s the time to bring Loki back. After the way he ‘died’ in Siege it would be better to concentrate on getting Asgard off the ground so to speak and solidify the new status quo along with dealing with these Worl Eaters THEN plant the seens to have Loki come back.

    Ah, well, I still like the series though I don’t think it’s worth $3.99 a month.

  15. The art on here is so hit and miss.  I absolutely love some bits and don’t care for others.  Not much happened here, but it was an enjoyable read.



  16. There a lot of things not meeting the eye here, and in regards to Loki being back it’s not the same as before. It might turn out to be eventually but for now, Thor actually has his brother back. Not the evil-twisted one, the young one who used to save his ass.

    This issue got a 5 from me and the pick. Easily. 

  17. Another great issue. I really can’t find a fault with any of Fraction’s story so far. Each issue when he shows the impending threat looming ever nearer, I can feel the music begin to swell towards a crescendo. Can’t wait for the next one.

    @Zarathos81 You don’t like John Workman’s lettering? That baffles me.

  18. I succumbed to Pasqual Ferry’s art, Thor is simply a fool for bringing Loki back, but maybe he thinks he can change him or mold him into something good, as would a good-natured, true-hearted Thor would believe he could do, but once a cheater always a cheater, as evidenced by Loki’s cards trick and his dreams I think.

  19. This was awesome. i love the notion of loki as a younger brother to thor

  20. I have been enjoying this book  think I’m gonna stop and read this in trades.

  21. This is veering more towards Fraction’s X-Men run than his Iron Man work. Bringing Odin & Loki back, Really? Is there an edict on this book by Quesada that everything JMS resolved & accomplished with the Thor/Odin dynamic has to be swept under the rug just because of the damn movie? Fail.

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