Conrad and Augustus are trapped with nowhere to run from the cartel and FBI. Can father and son’s first heist together end in any way but death or capture?

Find out in the conclusion to THIEF OF THIEVES’ second arc!

Story by Robert Kirkman & James Asmus
Art by Shawn Martinbrough & Felix Serrano

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. I should be excited for the finale to this arc, but the 2 month delay has killed my already waning interest in this book. It’s not a badly made book in the least, but something just isn’t clicking for me any more.

  2. Looks like I might not be the only one not excited. For what it’s worth, the previous events of this arc came back to me pretty quickly, and I did enjoy the way this wrapped up and set up the next arc. I’ve already dropped this from my pull, but if it’s a light week (and I remember), I’ll come back for #14 to see if Lola gets what Lola wants.

  3. I like this book for what it’s worth. But I am losing interest real fast with it. I personally dont think it lends well to a monthly book. I may pick it up in trades, but I’m not doing single issues anymore on this one and I had it removed from my pull list.

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