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They march to certain doom.

Story by Robert Kirkman
Art by Charlie Adlard & Cliff Rathburn
Cover by Charlie Adlard & Cliff Rathburn

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.1%
Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. This is the first issue in quite a while that I am looking forward to reading. But I also have feeling that they will be saving anything big for their 10th anniversary and the bi-monthly October issues.

  2. I fear for Andrea with this one…someone reassure me…

  3. Avatar photo OzChops (@ianosborne1976) says:

    I never really think about the Walking Dead until a new issue drops, but, it’s rare that I don’t enjoy it. This issue was no exception.

  4. Well I think that was the best issue in months.

  5. There were many quality moments in this issue such as Andrea all bloody & beat up “We Don’t Die”. Carl shooting lucille and Negan’s reaction, boy that guy is totally gone over the edge. He must be the toughest, sickest S.O.B. out there, it must hurt like hell to rub your dick all over a barbed wire covered bat, I can’t wait for him to die. This issue was great and is really setting up future issues. I can’t wait for the world war coming up (I believe that’s what it is called).

  6. I’m still waiting for my Andrea (comic version) action figure to go alongside my Rick and Michonne. The whole time I was like “you better not Kirkman, you better not…”

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