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Lucille is going to be so jealous.

Story by Robert Kirkman
Art by Charlie Adlard & Cliff Rathburn

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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Has this series “Jumped the Shark”? Or should I say, “Jumped the Tiger”?

    • I thought that for a while too, but I think we’re just finally starting to see the ebb after a hundred-issue rain. Nothing can be spectacular for 111 issues, and considering the quality storytelling we’ve been treated to for so long, I’m willing to give Kirkman a break when it comes to the issue-to-issue basis. If it continues to go in this direction, I’ll voice my distaste. But you know he’s gonna jerk the wheel to the left and we’ll have to grab on to keep from flying out of the car. It’s kind of his thing.

    • I’m all for jerking the wheel (that sounds kinda wrong) but Ezekiel and his tiger is pushing it man.

      I will say I did like the exchange between him and Michonne last issue where she called him on his bullshit. That scene may have saved things.

    • I agree 100% about the tiger. What actually bothers me more is the whole Camelot thing. It’d be one thing if they just named the community, but to ride horses with flags and armor and talk in royal English strikes me as the wrong kind of insanity. I understand people needing to find something to hold onto and help them cope, but it just seems like playing pretend.

      Still, I think Kirkman will pull me back in sooner than later.

    • Yeah, this series jumped the shark a long time ago, but I stick around hoping it will be what it USED to be… I’m such a sucker.

    • I felt like last issue did a great job addressing the tiger

  2. This series has been on thin ice with me ever since 106 or 107; but I have this feeling like Kirkman is going to do something big so I’m still in…. for now.

  3. This is silly. He’s trying something new and you guys are complaining, if he stuck to the old formula people would be complaining that he’s repeating himself. I guess Kirkman can’t please everybody

    I for one still think he puts out quality issues of this book every month

    • Almost every negative comment in this thread is accompanied by love for Kirkman.

      I don’t need him to repeat himself, I just don’t enjoy this particular “new”. I’m not going anywhere.

  4. I totally agree with you TonyyyG. Kirkman is expanding his universe (story) beyond just Rick’s crew, new characters etc. and I like it. If he just kept telling the same story (Riick and crew find happiness, bad guys come along, fight bad guys, win and then move on again) it would get very boring and the series would be dead. I’d rather he introduce new off-beat characters and story lines. I could even see the book going on without Rick & company. There’s many stories out there in a Zombie filled world. On a side note have you noticed how the zombies are a minor threat now. I would like to see some hybrid zombies (thinking zombies) introduced. It would really change things up.

  5. @TonyyG and scottie67 – I get the impression if Kirkman offered you the grape Kool-Aid you would drink it. 😉

    I kid, I kid, but yeah there is a fine line between fandom and blind loyalty – just be sure you are on the right side my friends.

    If we didn’t complain every now and then about stuff then we would always get the same ol’ stuff right? What’s the saying, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” (actually I sorta hate that quote). Like for example, if we didn’t complain that McDonald’s served the same stuff over and over we would have never gotten The McRib! =)

    And come on dudes, the tiger shit is some silly shit you gotta admit. Hey! That rhymes! Reminds me of “If it doesn’t fit you must acquit.” I’m making the T-Shits now!

    (Oh man, gotta love a comment that references both Jim Jones and The McRib)

  6. After about 106 or 107 issues, I jumped off this ship. Commentators were saying they loved it, the books still great… I thought I’d pop in today on a whim to see what iFanboy’s are thinking now. Seems like popular opinion around here has started to sway over to my side.

  7. Not feeling this anymore. If the last 2 pages had featured the death of someone even remotely important or interesting, it would have been something… at this point I just want Kirkman to kill off Rick and jump 10 years ahead and feature a grown-up Carl and some sort of rebuilding of civilization.


  9. Loved the ending… but negan”s such a d bag!

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