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Maggie and Sophia pick up the pieces and continue their lives at the Hilltop.

Story by Robert Kirkman
Art by Charlie Adlard & Cliff Rathburn

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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Does anyone know why they’re producing a blank variant of this? Kind of a random number for collector covers unless something major is happening here (I think there might be).

  2. *this* is the type of Walking Dead issue I really like. All of the scenes with Maggie were great. I hope they get past the more ridiculous stuff (Ezekial) and get back to the more human moments quickly.

  3. Happy to have more Maggie. The cliffhanger didn’t much for me since this Kal fellow is just some guy to me. I also liked Michonne’s interaction with Rick. She’s burning out on being his superhero. She’s tired of being the badass that readers love her for, and I find that interesting.

  4. This issue was a snooze-fest, in my opinion. Twenty minutes after reading it, I had already forgotten what happened. Then I paged through it again and realized why: the comic book version of Maggie is boring compared to her TV counterpart, and she’s the throughline of this issue. Also, the issue tag wasn’t gripping enough for a monthly; this Jesus guy is a B-level character, and his mere suspicions about missing “Kal”… I dunno, just didn’t do it for me. :-/
    Hoping that a coming issue gets me reinvested or I’m taking a break.

  5. It seems like each issue since 100 is just a giant set up for the “big showdown” with Negan. 109 continues that idea, although I’ll admit there were some good moments in this issue. Also, does anyone agree that the Walkers have gone a very long time without a victory? We need to be reminded of how seriously threatening they are.

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