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“Sing me a song.”

Story by Robert Kirkman
Art by Charlie Adlard & Cliff Rathburn
Cover by Charlie Adlard

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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. No cover image, no solicitation, and no comments. What a desolate place this is.

    I love it.

    Hope Carl’s alright.

  2. This is probably considered terrible, but I wish Kirkman would kill off Carl.

    • I never wished any harm on Carl. I’ve always felt he’s one of the most realistic kids I’ve ever read in comics. But when he got shot in the face, I had gone through all the five stages on fictional character death, only to have him pull through. Since then, I’ve struggled with the character. It almost felt like Kirkman intended to kill him, but pussed out (something he’s not wont to do). I think it’s clear now that even though “no one is safe”, Carl is safer than most and has a larger role to play in the future of TWD.

    • That’s how I felt in the earlier comics, too. Maybe with this upcoming issue, Carl can redeem himself useful. But then again, I don’t think Rick could take such a loss.

  3. I feel like Carl and Rick are the only 2 that are safe. And between those two, Carl is the safest. The series could always continue on without Rick as long as Carl is still alive.

  4. I feel that the comic book version of the Carl Grimes character has crossed the line from hardened kid to sociopath — which might not be a bad thing, story-wise, for the long haul. Who knows where Kirkman’s going to go in the future; I doubt even he knows. All I know is, I’m still readin’.

    • But does our definition for “sociopath” still apply in this world? Is Carl less adjusted than everyone else, or more? Will he turn out to be the new “sane”? Will he end up being the group’s best chance for survival?

      Thesea re the things we’re all (Rick included) dealing with in regards to Carl. This is the utility Carl serves the plot. I think it’s one of the most compelling aspects of the book.

  5. Bob Costas and other gun control advocates will be picketing my LCS this Saturday due to this cover. Thanks a lot Image.

  6. Carl isn’t going to survive this climax with the Saviors.

    • Care to elaborate? Is that just a gut feeling? Or do you know something we don’t?

    • Gut feeling.

      Carl can’t get another close call after the groan inducing close call he got on his road to recovery from major head trauma.

      He is fucked right now and I don’t see him getting out of this unless Negan just lets him go, which is possible…but unlikely.

      I don’t think anyone is safe in this book.

      Rick will be abused until the character is broken beyond literary use and I think he will die as well.

    • Gotcha. Sound theories all.

      Or he could kill Negan and become the Saviors’ boy king. It could happen.

    • Sure.

      But I think he had his chance to kill Negan and it didn’t happen.

      I think Kirkman is very aware that he will alienate his audience if Carl surives another close-call.

      My least favorite plot development in 104 issues was Carl’s full recovery from his head wound. Minus an eye.

      I do think plot/character wise Carl has a lot of growing room, but sometimes people die before they can complete their character arc in this book (and real life), which makes this book even cooler.

  7. After 104 issues I think this might be my last. I just don’t like the direction the book is taking, the characters, or the story. It’s been a fun ride, I hope you all keep enjoying, but for now, I’m calling it quits.

    • Please elaborate.

      What aren’t you enjoying?

    • Negan, everything that has to do with his ridiculous character and the storyline centered around it to start.

    • I agree that the story has grown stale. The “something to fear” storyline was boring. Negan is boring. I’m just ready for a new arc. Maybe Kirkman has taken his attention off the comic to give more to the tv show.

    • Agree. I’m watching closely. I’ll consider jumping back in after this arc ends.

    • To continue my rant, this book isn’t what it says it is. Since it first began to now, it’s had less and less to do with the dead walking and more to do with a handful of bad guys who rule certain groups. To say that the Governor and Negan are the same. is an accurate statement. The story goes: Discover group, big bad meanie kills some important characters, Rick’s group wins but at a cost…rinse and repeat. There’s so much more that could be done with this book, and it just isn’t happening. We’ll get a few more issues of shock, Negan doing bad things, maybe a few more characters will die, even carl, and Negan will die and the story will do the same thing again(I hope not).

    • and so I say, I don’t think Kirkman is paying much attention to the book anymore.

    • Sadly for zombie loving readers, this comic isn’t about zombies.

      I’m completely okay with that.

      “Discover group, big bad meanie kills some important characters, Rick’s group wins but at a cost…rinse and repeat.”

      This has happened twice and the second time hasn’t completely played itself out, so I think that is an unfair evaluation.

      The Hunters (if you are thinking about them) got readily handled on some Avengers level assembling by Rick’s crew and did not follow the pattern you laid out.

      I think Kirkman is very wrapped up in The Walking Dead comic.

      The comic is SUPERIOR to the TV show in every way. This comic is a B to A+ run while the TV show is a D to B run so far.

      The TV show is fun but a mess.

    • @ScorpianMasada – I completely agree with out about the Zombie thing. I know that it’s about way more than the Zombies and that is actually why this book has stood tall above the rest for so long. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more Zombie action too but I get the reason it’s often marginalized. At the same time, the Negan character and storyline is just lame in every way. From the design of the character (a “Final Fight” enemy), to his cliche baseball bat that he names Lucille and asks people if they ate it’s pussy (give me a break), to his weird Harem of women, to his followers that bow down before him, and all his “creepy” tics like asking Carl to sing to him. It’s just BAD.
      Then you have the five page death of Glen sequence that was created only as an easy way to put this guy over as villain (and cause it was #100, so someone important just had to die right?)
      Walking Dead is an amazing series, and one of the most consistent. I’ve been reading it since ’05, but it has gone so far south for me over the last few months that I can’t in good conscience buy another issue unless it eventually turns around.

    • I haven’t had a problem with Negan (though I have had some minor issues with conflicts between Rick’s crew and the Saviors) until this issue for some of the reasons you stated.

      Some of his “creepy” tics do seem silly to me as well.

      But the Governor had them and Rick has his phone thing too. Kinda like this idea that leaders in this new world have to be a bit eccentric.

    • @ScorpionMasada – I hear ya. I’m still a fan, just been really disapointed the for the last few months. I’m gonna drop it for a while, but will probably come back if it changes gears or a switches to a new story. However, and you will probably disagree, but if Carl actually dies, I will find it VERY hard to come back. He’s just always been a main draw for me.

    • I like Carl too! I’m not wishing death on the kid at all (unless he survives another gunshot wound to the head!). Seems like Negan is mentoring him in this issue so maybe he isn’t in as much danger as I assumed he would be.

      And by the way,

      This is what I like to see in the comments threads:

      Civil and interesting discussions about the progression of story/character and not price/double shipping bitching that litters too many threads.

      Thanks guys for the dialogue.

  8. I loved this issue. It was a total break from the norm, and really helped to finally distinguish Negan from the Governor. The scene where he made Carl remove the bandages was heartbreaking. I know a lot of people hate him, but I really enjoy Negan’s characterization. He reminds me of a classic Tarantino villain, and the sad truth is that I know a lot of guys that talk that (not guys I like, but guys I know). Its just another example of Kirman’s unbelievable grasp on the way people behave. I can’t wait to see what happens to Carl.

    Also, part of me couldn’t help but feel like Negan had a pretty sweet deal going. Does that make me evil?

    • hahaha

      I didn’t dig on this issue as much as the few issues before it.

      Harems as a fantasy seem appealing, but think of the reality of it and it could lose its appeal quite quick. And I don’t just mean female harems but male harems as well for our female and homosexual friends.

    • Haha! Agreed that harems could easily get … complicated. But you press an iron to the face of anyone who steps out of line, and you can curtail a lot of those complications real quick.

      But I wasn’t just referring to the wives. He’s got a fancy dining room with a chandelier, curtains, fine furniture, etc. also, the Saviors all seem to be wearing normal, non-tattered clothes and appear pretty hygienic. These are all luxuries that long-time readers haven’t seen in a while. It was jarring in a really great way.

      And yeah, the hot chicks in skimpy clothes would be a nice bonus.

    • I think the branding with the iron was done only to male “lovers” of the women he takes into the harem to prevent them from “cheating” with their exes.

      I could be wrong.

    • Yes.

    • Right. I know. What I said still applies. It keeps them all in line.

  9. Great issue. Very, very unsettling.

  10. One of the best issues in years as far as I’m concerned. Negan is a beast, and a hilarious one at that.

  11. Damn. Negan is such a twisted monster. The words “skull fucking” come to mind, and yes, it is very unsettling indeed…

  12. Negan seems to have way more depth of character than the Govenor ever did. This guy seems to have mastered the implimentation of Machiavelli’s The Prince in this environment. Very Zod-like (kneel before Negan). Can’t wait to see how this is going to unfold. I think this is the best stoyline in recent years.

  13. Negan RULES!

    hah hah, I gotta get a shirt that says that on it1!

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