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It is a new beginning for THE WALKING DEAD. Rick Grimes is no longer in charge, and nothing will ever be the same again. It’s such a perfect jumping on point, it could easily have been a new first issue – but instead, the world’s best selling creator-owned comic just keeps moving forward, with #103 and counting!

Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard

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  1. Probably going to stop getting this monthly once Something to Fear is finished and just wait for the trades. It’s a good read every month but not as epic or mind blowing one issue at a time as something like Saga or Chew. Love Walking Dead but I can’t help but feel like a want some sort of end to this series and an end to this journey Rick has been on.

  2. There we go then lol

  3. This will be my first issue of Walking Dead. Just recently got into the tv show so I thought I would give the comic a try. This seems like a good jumping on point.

    • Honestly, I think it would be a disservice not to start at the beginning, Kirkman’s never really bothered to make jumping on points for this book. go for it, by all means, if you want to start here, but the story doesn’t feel like it would lend itself to new readers right now.

    • Oh absolutely. If you want to jump on singles at this point go for it but I would highly recommend reading it from the beginning as well.

    • Yes, do start from the beginning the impact is so much more powerful whenever something happens to the characters.

    • I will start reading here and if I do like it I will be getting the trades for sure for the first #102. Just want to see if I am even going to like it or not first.

    • TV and comic are two different animals, but good luck jumping in.

    • There are only a few books I would recommend starting from the beginning, but this is one of them. You’re gonna miss all the awesome stuff, and it’s not a book you can just jump on to.

  4. One of the best covers in a long time. Not saying too much as the whole something to fear arc covers were pretty lame. Still loving this series. I agree with the majority here that you should start this from the beginning. You can read the first issue for free on comixology I believe.

  5. I can’t think of another series that I have enjoyed continuously since #1. I have enjoyed the character development immensely and even if I reacted poorly to a character death at first, I always came around and said: ok, Kirkman, good move after all.

  6. Negan is so despicable in the best possible way.

  7. I love Negan as a new villain. Only seen him in 2 issues and I already can’t wait until someone kills him. Only downside is that these issues just read soooo fast

  8. I need Carl or somebody to kill Negan in a horrible fashion, if he gets off as easy as the Governer did I’ll be pissed.
    Why is his name Negan and what’s his origin?
    Why didn’t Rick just arrange to have Andrea kill Negan with a Sniper Shot while he was walking around town? Without a leader, scared, and trapped in enemy territory, Negans gang would have surrendered pretty quick.

  9. This arc bores the hell out of me.

  10. It’s amazing how Kirkman continues to tell the same kinds of stories over and over and over again. He’s way too slow when it comes to showing us more of this zombie-apocalypse world, and when it comes to challenging his characters with new settings and conflicts. I honestly think he’s just so geared up to stretch this title to #500 or #1000 that he’s fine with treading creative water for years, as long as people continue to buy his book.

  11. BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!

  12. I didnt read every issue (working on it though), but I felt this was a decent jumping on point. Took me a bit to realize the chick Rick was kissing was Andrea… but other then that I was ok. Picked up the graphic novels and the last few back issues… So I’ll be caught up soon enough. Kind of upset I didnt really know much about TWD until the show came out, but I’m glad it came along to help me get into the comic, ITS AMAZING! Only comics I can really say I like this much is The Flash, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and The Darkness.

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