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  1. I’m pretty sure this was supposed to be out last week, anyone know why the delay?

  2. That last panel has me excited. ***SPOILERS***** I can’t wait to see what Rick does to those fuckers.

  3. Thank goodness for the last panel…

  4. @stuclach & JokersNuts: Agreed. For the half the issue I was thinking “Really, Rick? Seriously?” I should’ve known better. Grimes never lets me down. Lookin forward to whatever comes next. As usual.

  5. This was great as usual, but I think I will be going to trade wait for this series.

  6. Really good issue, you need changes of pace to make good stories. You can’t just go full throttle all the time. If Rick had just attacked Negen for revenge sake right away, it would of failed. Negen’s group is stronger and Rick knows it. He and everyone else would be dead and the story would be over. This issue sets the stage for the next one, collect intel, form a plan. Then attack and win, and properly vindicate Glens death.Kirkman knows what he’s doing. I for one will continue to buy the monthly books, because after all that’s what comics are all about.

  7. Anyone else read the letter column? Reaction to issue #100 by Steven Yeun who plays Glenn on the show! Kirkman responds as well. Its a pretty hilarious back and forth. Check it out.

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