• “Death Sentence”

• How many have to die before the Superior Spider-Man will kill a super villain?

• Spider-Man versus Massacre– with hundreds of lives in the balance.

Story by Dan Slott
Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli & John Dell
Colors by Edgar Delgado, Chris Sotomayor, & Antonio Fabela
Cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli & Mark Bagley

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 11.0%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Come on punisher Spider-Man take that Massacre A-Hole out, love this series so much.

  2. Someone let me know when they stop shitting all over my childhood.

    • Hahaha. I don’t read Spidey, never have but I honestly find the distaste people have for this hilarious for some reason, can’t explain it.

    • I think our childhoods are safely intact. I’m not a fan of this status quo either, I’m using my time and money to find old issues I’ve not read before. Peter will be back shortly, look at the interest in this book. The first week it came out it was in the top two/three on this board, now it’s in 7th. If sales figures reflect this it won’t last much longer.



      Really TheRealVenom? I’ve been a Spider-Man reader for over 25 years and this is just another Spidey story. An incredible one at that!!! 🙂

    • I don’t think sales will dictate anything, I think it’s pretty clear Slott has a set story in mind that he is going to tell. Peter will be fully back when the story dictates he should be back. And the sales for the book have been very good from what I’ve read.

  3. I’ve been good with this, but not a lifetime Spidey reader. Was actually hooked after the appearance in Ultimate Spider-man. However, with how much he is different, it surprises me how few people have noticed.

  4. Really wish Peter wasn’t there at all. That’s become very annoying & his one liners aren’t helping.

    • I guess that’s how Avenging Spiderman is. No Petey.

    • @gorilla

      lol what?
      “man, i fucking love spiderman, i just wish peter parker wasn’t in it.”


    • I have to say that I’m personally enjoying “Avenging” much more than “Superior”. I’m not so sure if it’s the lack of Ghost Parker, or the slightly more rollicking tone (Seeing Ock try to mesh with the other heroes is a blast), or that Chris Yost is just doing superb work.

  5. I love this series so far. I find the “childhood” comments to be unwarranted. Your childhood is always going to be there, this is just a new story for a new generation and it’s doing great.

  6. I really do enjoy this run. I know that Peter will be back in time, but I kinda want to have this SpideyOck a little while longer

  7. Issue 3 has been my favorite of the run so far. Finally felt like we got some momentum going. My only real complaint is that most of the issues seem to be a little light storywise.

  8. The art has been top notch so far and the story is really good and has me hooked so far. I don`t see how peoples childhoods have been destroyed considering the isssues from back then will always be there and you are always able to go back and read them. Like the comment above, this is just another Spidey arc and won`t last much longer until Peter is back. For now just enjoy the ride or read the old Parker Spidey stories

  9. not gonna lie, i enjoy this, but i’ll enjoy it MUCH more when it’s finished.

  10. It’s so funny to see people complaining about Ghost Peter, when that’s the part of the book that’s got me coming back every issue.

  11. Initially I only bought #1, but a slow week last week convinced me to buy 2,3,4 and they were fantastic. better than anything in ASM over the past 12 months ( not inculding 700 ) Cant wait for this issue

  12. Yeesh… So, this whole “Otto as a hero” thing is going tits up quicker than I thought it would…

  13. The ending was vague, seeing the body would’ve clarified things. The assumption is Ock killed him, but the visual would have shown “this isn’t spider-man”.

    Is this public knowledge, cause once MJ and Carlie know there’s no way they’d believe this is Peter

  14. This was at 8 % Pick of the week earlier and now it is at 0.0% . Something is broken as this was my pick.

  15. This was brilliant – if you left due to switch over you need to jump back on board because Slott is doing interesting things in this story

  16. Long time comic reader, and I read Spidey off and on. But this is the most interested i’ve been in Spider man since the early 80’s. It’s definately good to shake it up for a short time, and it not be an elseworlds story


    • This has been the funnest I have had reading a Spider-Man book in a long time. I know a lot of folks are losing there shit over this but I love it, it just cool seeing a badass version of Spider-Man for once.

  18. I’m having a lot of fun with this series.

  19. I catched up and read this last night (finally) and was shocked when Spidey pulled the trigger and outright shot Massacre in cold blood! 0_o I’m loving this book but man Doc Ock is fucking Peter’s life sideways something fierce!

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