• “Collateral Damage”

• The previous Spider-Man promised that Massacre would never kill again…

Q: Can the NEW Spider-Man live up to that?

A: Probably not.

Story by Dan Slott
Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli & John Dell
Colors by Edgar Delgado
Letters by Chris Eliopoulos
Cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli, John Dell, Edgar Delgado, Mike Deodato, & Rain Beredo

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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Despite all the criticism with peoples childhoods being destroyed and threatening Dan Slott’s life I really am enjoying this book. I’m sure we all know Peter will be back soon so let’s just enjoy the madness while we can. Really terrific art work so far too and hope it continues for a long time

    • Agree Kipper this has been a really fun read, plus loved the beat down he put on Vulture last issue. Only problem I have with this issue is no Stegman , he’s been on some next level art with this series so far.

    • I think Peter being there commenting on what Doc Ock is doing has saved it for me because Ock really is annoying as hell and such an ass I can’t stand it sometimes. With that said it’s still interesting to see how he’s tried to adapt to Peters world and improve it as well, while still screwing up other things.

  2. This is the best that Spider-Man has been in a little while. I just miss the ASM title

  3. i feel like rihanna.

    i loved slott’s work.
    i’ve been with him since big time.
    slott slapped the piss out of me with 700’s shitty ass ending,
    then gave me hope with SS 1’s ending.
    now SS 9’s solict says Peter may come back.
    but knowing slott’s abusive ass, he’ll slap the piss out of me again.
    yet i just can’t leave him because of some (possibly misplaced) hope.

  4. In my opinion Superior would be better without the “ghost” of Peter Parker. I liked it better at the beginning, when it was more subtle. Still good, though.

  5. some people kinda surprise me.

    “dude, i love reading spiderman, i just wish peter parker would stop coming out.”


    • It would be cool if Slott waited a bit to show Peter`s ghost, atleast then he could go on without that voice in his head making him think twice on his actions.

    • I like that he has Parker’s memories and instincts and that those are influencing his actions. I just don’t like the actual Peter Parker “ghost” so much. I think it could have been more subtle, but I am still enjoying it a lot.

  6. Just finished the issue. Really good and the part where Otto was having his tantrum over the whole Doctor thing was really funny and a good laugh out loud moment. Really great art work and that cliff hanger at the end was amazing and can`t wait for the next issue. This book is sooo much fun especially with the rumored Miguel O`hara coming back in a couple issues and the whole show down with Massacre which will be EPIC! Plus the Avengers firing thing..haven`t been this excited for a comic in a while!

  7. ****SPOILERS****

    If that is really Norman Osborn back as the Green Goblin and as a villain in a Spider-man book I’m going to be so happy. I got the feeling that Marvel was pretty set on keeping him as an Avengers villain so it very well may not be him or if it is it might not last long. Hopefully it’s really him and he’s back as a Spider-villain!!

  8. This just keeps getting better and better. Great stuff. Could do without the gun-toting mass murdering maniac though.

    • Yeah, Massacre’s not my cup of tea. But I can tolerate it since it’s Otto-Spidey who has to deal with him. He’s not a villain I’d normally want to see Amazing Spidey encounter.

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